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The 15 Best D&D YouTube Channels in 2024

The 15 Best D&D YouTube Channels in 2024

There are a ton of great YouTube channels where you can get quality D&D advice. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, some channels promote storytelling content, while others promote informative videos, and others help you set up your very own campaign.

No matter what you’re looking for, this list has it all!

Best D&D YouTube Channels

15. Legends of Avantris

Video Type – Long format Campaign content

The Legends of Avantris features 7 friends who play a lot of D&D together. They’re typical funny, entertaining people who like to roleplay, cause mayhem, and tell fantastical stories.

Most of their content consists of long format (2 hours +) videos, where these friends play through various homebrew and premade Campaigns.

In their videos, we can see them gradually play through massive Campaigns, facing all sorts of unique challenges that put their friendships to the test.

Would I enjoy this?

Watching the Legends of Avantris will give you insight into how long, drawn-out D&D campaigns can be run.

The videos are quite long, but if you like watching characters grow and occasionally drop fantastic ideas for your own Campaign, then you should give them a watch.

14. Puffin Forest

Video Type – Short to medium length Campaign/informative content

Puffin Forest is a channel that likes to talk about RPGs (D&D included). His videos are all animated and show a variety of D&D Campaigns, funny D&D depictions, rants about RPGs, and useful information.

The cartoony animations are great to look at, and the stories are quite funny as well.

Would I enjoy this?

Those who enjoy a change in regular video-making will enjoy Puffin Forest’s content.

While it doesn’t focus solely on providing information to the watcher, there are a few videos explaining simple aspects of D&D, which is quite helpful.

13. XP to Level 3

Video Type – Short to medium length informative content

XP to Level 3 mostly posts videos about different scenarios about D&D, letting players experience what it’s like when you’re caught up in a specific scenario.

His videos are relatable and funny, with informative content added between the lines, which will definitely have you watching more.

Most D&D players will eventually come across something mentioned on his channel, and when they do, they’ll have XP to thank for it!

Would I enjoy this?

If you’re a sucker for comedic content with some additions of educational D&D content, then you should give his channel a try.

Seeing his general perspectives and what certain actions might have others feel in the game lets you understand what to do and what not to do.

12. All Things DnD

Video Type – Short length story content

All Things DnD posts comedic retellings of his past Campaigns, adding a hidden form for educational content in his videos as well.

His videos are pure stories that revolve around Campaigns where all sorts of scenarios play out that you’ll eventually come across while playing D&D.

Would I enjoy this?

If you want some interesting D&D story content, or you’re more interested in seeing what happens in certain Campaign scenarios, you should give All Things DnD a try.

It might be a little more difficult to get used to, but his shorter content makes it easy to digest and pretty informative if you focus on what he’s saying.

11. Dungeon Dudes

Video Type – Medium to long length Campaign/informative content

Dungeon Dudes aims to focus on posting DM advice, Player’s Guides, roleplaying tips, and reviews.

They also have a lot of Campaign content for viewers who want to see how a veteran D&D game is played. 

Not only will it give you a lot of new tips, but the humor makes it very entertaining to watch.

Would I enjoy this?

Those who want to know more about D&D should definitely watch Dungeon Dudes, as their tier lists and various player guides make it perfect for newer players and veterans alike.

Not to mention, they’re running a Campaign that has been going on for months now, so if you want to see what veteran-style D&D looks like, go check them out.

10. D&D Beyond

Video Type – Short to long length Campaign/informative/TBA (upcoming) content

If you want D&D information from one of the most credible channels out there, then D&D Beyond should be one of your go-to picks.

Not only will you get a few shorter Campaigns, but their videos contain interviews (about upcoming D&D books) and conversations with D&D players as well as D&D creators.

Would I enjoy this?

If you’re serious about D&D and you want to follow what’s happening in the D&D world, then you’ll love D&D Beyond.

It has such a diverse video roster that it can provide pretty much any D&D content you want, so I would recommend it to everyone.

9. SteelySam

Video Type – Short (mainly) to medium length informative content

If you love lore, just want to get into playing D&D, or want to know more than you already do, you should check out SteelySam.

His content revolves mainly around informing others about D&D, giving tips, and explaining the lore of a lot of different things in D&D.

Would I enjoy this?

SteelySam is one of my personal favorites, as his short-form content makes it easy to digest a lot of information in small periods of time.

He also makes it extremely player-friendly, especially for those who haven’t played D&D before or just want to know more of the lore.

Just be careful. He can talk a little fast, so you might want to slow down the video a bit!

8. Critical Role

Video Type – Medium to long length Campaign content

Critical Role is considered one of the most popular D&D channels and Campaigns ever, and that’s for good reason.

While their content might get a bit long, it’s always interesting, and the various Campaigns they’ve played have generally captivated most people who’ve watched them.

Would I enjoy this?

Critical Role is for anyone who wants to follow a stretched Campaign where characters are explored deeply.

Their Campaigns have humor, but their main selling point is how entertaining they are to veteran and new players alike.

7. Ginny Di

Video Type – Short to medium length informative content

Ginny Di is a very popular D&D channel that mainly revolves around giving advice for almost everything D&D has to offer.

She even covers some pretty controversial topics and tries to generally improve her viewer’s D&D experience.

Would I enjoy this?

I would say most if not all, new players should at least give Ginny Di’s channel a try, as she posts some very interesting and captivating content.

Those who want to start cosplaying might also find her content very refreshing!

6. Matthew Colville

Video Type – Short to long length Campaign/informative content

Matthew Colville is one of the most iconic D&D channels out there.

He generally focuses on helping players run games, gives them tips, has interviews, and runs some pretty thought-through Campaigns.

Would I enjoy this?

People who want a man who basically has an encyclopedia’s worth of D&D knowledge in his head should give Matthew Colville’s channel a try.

While his style might not be for everyone, he gives some of the best D&D advice out of any YouTuber out there.

5. DnD Shorts

Video Type – Short to long length informative content

DnD Shorts makes content that aims to not only teach people about D&D but also inspire them to play the game for themselves.

He has thought-out advice that can resonate with a lot of veterans, as well as content that aims to teach newer players more about D&D.

Would I enjoy this?

You should check out DnD Shorts if you want to improve at D&D or if you just intend to learn about all of its different aspects.

His content isn’t boring either, as his creative tier lists and editing will definitely keep you reeled in.

4. One Shot Quips

Video Type – Short to medium length comedic content

One Shot Quips focuses mainly on spreading the D&D bug by releasing comedic reactions and skits about D&D.

While most of his videos are intended to be funny, I should add that each video does contain some information that could help you in specific scenarios.

Would I enjoy this?

People who are interested in D&D but are mainly focused on having a laugh should tune into One Shot Quips.

In my opinion, One Shot Quips does a good job of making people interested in D&D, which later hooks them and makes them play the game!

3. MrRhexx

Video Type – Medium length informative/story content

MrRhexx is one of the most popular YouTubers on this list, focusing on medium length stories mixed with informative content.

His videos are massive chunks of D&D knowledge that you can watch over and over again.

Would I enjoy this?

If you’re interested in lore or want to know everything there is to know about a certain creature, then MrRhexx has you covered.

MrRhexx’s storytelling abilities are fantastic, and the amount of information he gives you about a single subject is superb.

I would urge any D&D player to watch his videos!

2. Dungeon Craft

Video Type – Short to medium length comedic/informative content

Dungeon Craft is all about running the best D&D campaign humanly possible!

His way of mixing intricate information with comedy makes his videos a joy to watch and lets you absorb as much knowledge as possible from them.

Would I enjoy this?

I would recommend Dungeon Craft to DMs, as most of his videos revolve around creating a game rather than playing one.

However, there are other videos where he takes on more of a broad information provider, and that’s what most D&D players will find interesting.

1. Dungeons and Dragons

Video Type – Short to long length entertainment/informative content

If you want to learn about D&D, why not get it from the source?

The Dungeons and Dragons channel has so much D&D content that it’s impossible to compare it to most other channels.

Would I enjoy this?

If you want to know about upcoming D&D releases or just want some entertaining D&D content, you should try watching their videos.

The channel also features a lot of basic information for various D&D aspects like subclasses or spells, so newer players should definitely check them out.

FAQs D&D 5e

Is D&D Difficult To Learn?

D&D isn’t considered too complicated by most who play it, but don’t get me wrong, it can be a bit confusing at first, especially if you don’t read the rules correctly or have a clued-up DM.

The game itself is quite simple, but the biggest learning curve is just absorbing all the information the game throws at you, as all Campaigns are different.

You need to understand that D&D revolves around improvisation, so rules can freely be changed, and no scenario will play out as you expect it to.

This feeling of complete spontaneity gives the game its charm, but if you don’t like that, there are similar people who bend the rules to play it in a way that speaks to them.

Note: Watching some YouTube videos is a fantastic way to learn the rules and answer questions that pique your interest.

What Should I Know Before Playing D&D?

New players often feel threatened by the vastness of D&D, but there are a few things you can do to enjoy the game more and learn while doing so:

  • Read the Player’s Handbook (and keep it nearby)
  • Choose inviting players to play with (people you feel comfortable with)
  • Create a character you like (just the game at the start, if you want to delve into complicated pairings, do it after you understand D&D better)
  • Ask a lot of questions (don’t be afraid to ask people around the table for help and discuss things happening in the game)
  • Look at what experienced players do
  • Embrace all roles, even bad ones
  • The basic rules are only guidelines
  • Have fun (it’s a game, don’t take it too seriously!)

Watching some YouTube videos before heading into your first Campaign is good if you’re struggling to grasp specific rules or scenarios.

What Is the Best D&D Campaign on YouTube?

A lot of people love the Critical Role Campaign, but let’s be honest, the best Campaign depends entirely on viewer preference.

There are a lot of other Campaigns out there, like those run by the Legends of Avantris, Puffin Forest, Dungeon Dudes, and many more!

Final Thoughts

YouTube is one of the best places to find anything you want to know about D&D in the format that stimulates your brain the most.

There are shorts that tell you all the necessary information about your query. There are even long format videos explaining any question you have in detail. 

You’ll even find some very entertaining animations of current Campaigns or similar animation-style videos that like to explain D&D lore with hand-drawn visuals.

You should definitely check out these YouTubers, as they’re some of the best D&D creators you’ll come across!