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Chromatic Orb 5e D&D Guide

Chromatic Orb 5e D&D Guide

Chromatic Orb is a high-damage spell at 1st level with little competition. The variable damage types that are available make it one of the best, yet potentially toughest, spells to utilize early on.

The rules for Chromatic Orb can be found in the Players Handbook on page 221.

Chromatic Orb 5e

1st-level Evocation

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 90 Feet

Components: V, S, M (A diamond worth at least 50 GP)

Duration: Instantaneous

You hurl a 4-inch-diameter sphere of energy at a creature that you can see within range.

You choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder for the type of Orb you create, and then make a ranged spell attack against the target. If the attack hits, the creature takes 3d8 damage of the type you chose.

At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.

The rules for Chromatic Orb outline why the spell is so good at 1st level and why it requires a bit of explanation to take as one of the first spells for a character.

The material component is a 50 GP diamond which can be hard to come by for a fledgling adventurer. The variable damage type makes the spell worth every dime, though.

Is Chromatic Orb Good?

Chromatic Orb is a quality 1st level spell. The material component of a diamond worth 50 Gold Pieces is the only real downside. Depending on how lenient the DM is, that may not be an issue for even a 1st level character.

It doesn’t provide the automatic hit that Magic Missile does or the area of effect of Burning Hands, but the damage output more than makes up for it.

The best part of the damage output is that the type of damage is variable. Anyone who has come face to face with a troll understands the importance of being able to modify damage type on the fly.

It also allows the caster to avoid damage types that have common resistances, such as fire, when facing an unfamiliar enemy. The spell has the opportunity to be cast at higher levels with no cap, meaning it will be useful at higher levels.

Chromatic Orb also allows for a decent ranged attack at 60 feet. This allows the caster to drop in significant damage far away from harm.

It also sets it above similar damage spells of other classes. Inflict Wounds, for example, is another spell that does 3d8 damage but has a range of touch.

Hot Tip
Generally, a wizard starts with enough gold to purchase the diamond material component right away, even if they have to skimp on some other equipment to make it happen. As always, if you are considering this, check with the DM first.

Which Classes Can Unlock Chromatic Orb?

Traditional classes, like Sorcerers and Wizards, have Chromatic Orb on their spell lists.

All the abovementioned classes can unlock Chromatic Orb at level 1.

No subclasses can freely unlock Chromatic Orb; however, Eldritch Knights (Fighter) can learn it at levels 8, 14, and 20.

How Do I Use Chromatic Orb?

The first step to using Chromatic Orb optimally would be to find out if you can even reach the desired creature. If that is met, then you should look at which damage type (Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, or Thunder) will perform best against that enemy (look for their resistances and immunities).

After that, you just make a ranged spell attack and target a creature. If the attack hits, you’ll do 3d8 damage of the desired type and bring the bugger one step closer to death.

Does Chromatic Orb Consume the Material Component?

Chromatic Orb requires a relatively expensive material component for low-level adventurers. Some spells require material components to be consumed at each cast; however, Chromatic Orb is not one of them.

The spell descriptions in 5e are extremely specific about what does and doesn’t happen. The spell description will explicitly state that the component is consumed if this is the case.

Bottom Line
Chromatic Orb is a great spell with a special material component. This is an opportunity for players and DMs if they choose to take advantage of it. Instead of gifting the player the material component, it can be used as a reward for a low-level quest. Players could base their backstory around the diamond as a family heirloom or gift from a mentor.

Can I Twin Chromatic Orb?

To qualify for Twinned Spell metamagic, a spell must meet the following criteria:

  • Must target only one creature
  • Must not have a range of self

Chromatic Orb meets both of these criteria and is eligible for Twinned Spell metamagic.

In fact, it is a popular choice to use. Both targets would take the same damage type, but dealing 3d8 damage to two targets in one turn is pretty significant. This makes the spell well worth spending the sorcery points to utilize the metamagic feature.

Hot Tip
The Elemental Adept feat allows the caster to ignore resistance on the chosen damage type. The list consists of fire, cold, acid, lightning, and thunder. This pairs nicely with Chromatic Orb, especially for a themed build focusing on one of those elements. It also allows you to treat a 1 as a 2 on damage dice with the chosen element.

Can I Cast Chromatic Orb With an Arcane Focus?

If we’re looking strictly at RAW, it wouldn’t be possible. 

That’s because Arcane Foci are used instead of material components with a GP value. In the case of Chromatic Orb, the diamond it uses has a GP requirement, so it can’t be substituted for an Arcane Focus.

Some DMs might think differently and enable you to use an Arcane Foci for the diamond, but that would differ from DM to DM.

Spell Comparisons for Chromatic Orb

1st level spell options for the Sorcerer and Wizard classes have some good competition. The addition of expansion materials has only made it harder to pick the best one with limited known spells.

Each of the choices presents better and worse factors to consider when comparing them to Chromatic Orb.

  • Magic Missile – Automatically hits, has better range, ignores cover, and does less damage on average.
  • Witch Bolt – Has lower range and average damage, does damage round after round with concentration.
  • Chaos Bolt – Has lower average damage, better range, and ability to hit multiple targets.

Chromatic Orb can be the focus for a build, but it doesn’t need to be. It is effective in its own right without additional focus. It works well with any wizard build. The Evocation Arcane Tradition may provide some slight advantages later down the road, but it is not something to focus on just for this spell.

Final Thoughts

If the material component for Chromatic Orb is not a concern, then it is one of the best spells available at 1st level. It provides unmatched versatility and supplies significant damage output. It can be used as a flavor piece for any character build, which is always a positive in 5e.

The only real concern is the ranged attack of a low-level spellcaster. That being said, it is not a unique problem and should definitely not sway you away from this spell.

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