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Dimension Door 5e D&D Guide

Dimension Door 5e D&D Guide

Dimension Door is a 4th-level spell belonging to the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard spell lists.

Dimension Door is the little brother of Teleportation Circle with a shorter casting time and better ease of use. Ideal for adventures wanting to teleport to specific areas they are familiar with.

The Player’s Handbook states as follows:

Dimension Door 5e

4th-level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 500 feet

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

The spellcaster teleports themselves from their current location to any spot within the range of 500 feet, arriving at the desired place.

This place can be somewhere they can see, visualize or describe by stating its location and distance, e.g., “200 feet straight downwards” or upward to the northeast at a 45-degree angle, 300 feet”.

Teleporting Objects

Objects can be brought along when teleporting; however, their weight cannot exceed the maximum carrying capacity the character has.

One willing target of the character’s size or smaller can also be brought along for the ride, once again making sure it isn’t carrying gear past its carrying capacity.

Note: The target must be within 5 feet of the caster when Dimension Door is cast.


If the caster arrives at a location already occupied by an object or creature, he and any companion teleporting with him will each take 4d6 force damage.

Dimension Door also fails to teleport and leaves them back where they started.

Classes Able To Use Dimension Door

Traditionally the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard all have access to Dimension Door.

Subclasses like the College of Lore (Bard), Arcane Trickster (Rogue), and Eldritch Knight (Fighter) can all make use of Dimension Door at certain levels of their character development.

Is Dimension Door Good?

Dimension Door is one of the many teleportation spells in D&D functioning as a mid-range teleportation spell.

Compared to other teleportation spells, it comes out higher than most due to its effortless casting method.

Advantages of Dimension Door

Extremely Long Range

It isn’t often that spells have more than 120 feet of casting range; however, since this is a teleportation spell, the range makes sense.

Even with that said, being able to teleport up to 500 feet away freely is extreme.

Note: Players should still know where they would like to teleport; without the exact location or given coordinates, Dimension Door is as good as useless.

Only Verbal Component

Players can cast Dimension Door only by speaking and incantation clearly and loudly. No Somatic or Material components are required to cast this spell successfully.

Note: Be careful of enemies that cast spells, giving you conditions that silence you. It will render Dimension Door uncastable until the condition runs out or is cured.

Ease of Use

Unlike some teleportation spells like Teleportation Circle, a ritual or ceremonial casting is unnecessary.

All the caster needs to do is spend one action to cast the spell and make sure they meet the criteria mentioned above.

Note: The door will immediately open when cast, as the spell is instantaneous.

Drawbacks of Dimension Door

Dangerous if Failed

When Dimension Door opens in a location, ensure there are no creatures or objects in the immediate area.

Since the portal can take two targets (the caster and another creature), ensure you have ample space on the other side.

If these conditions aren’t met when arriving at the other end, both entities exiting the portal will each take 4d6 Force damage. Which in most cases will be unblockable since it deals Force damage.

Note: Be extremely careful; at lower levels, this might or even will instantly kill your character.

Have a Location in Mind

Dimension Door specifies that the caster can have a location in mind if it’s within the range of the spell.

However, if the caster has no location, they will have to name the coverage they wish to travel and the angle at which they will arrive.

As expected, if the caster doesn’t know the location well, he and anybody traveling with him might end up falling from a significant high or being teleported inside a mountain.

Optimizing Dimension Door

Dimension Door, similar to other teleportation spells, has a lot of optimization that can transform it from a good spell into an outstanding spell.

Scout Nearby Encampments

The caster can travel to previously seen locations, making it easier to get to enemy encampments.

A spellcaster can open a portal outside an enemy encampment they saw on their way to town. Then, with the assistance of a Rogue or Ranger, they teleport to the location, scouring its surroundings for clues.

This Rogue or Ranger may wish to lay traps, stealthily kill enemies or establish the best means of entry.

Even though this can get quite technical, surveying effectively can come in handy at later levels where creatures become more challenging, and a solid attack strategy works better than an all-out attack.

Easily Transport Items

Even though there is a limit to what characters can carry, particular items or spells increase their weight limit.

Remember, Dimension Door doesn’t have a weight limit; only the characters passing through the portal do.

Players can use these items or spells to increase their weight limit when exiting a dungeon or finding some hefty treasure.

Now they merely need to open a portal and ensure their weight isn’t at its limit, and they are good to go.

Note: Don’t go over the limit; if you do, you will need to discard some of your loot.

Establish Vantage Points

Opening a portal to points of great height can give players an excellent place to scout an area. While up there, they might even find more areas to which they can teleport.

Note: Always ensure the area is fit for a Dimension Door before going there.

Last Thoughts

Dimension Door is an extremely rewarding spell if used correctly. However, it can be devastating if players mess around with it or make an untimely mistake.

If you want to play it safe, have another spellcaster ready and wait to revive the pair if anything happens to them.

If that isn’t an option, dragging their corpses along might be a valid option while looking for a nearby necromancer!

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