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Flaming Sphere 5e D&D Guide

Flaming Sphere 5e D&D Guide

Flaming Sphere is a 2nd-level damage spell available to the Druid, Sorcerer, and Wizard spell lists.

A fire sparks the battlefield, shedding light on the enemies surrounding a party.

Moving it towards enemies causes a wrath of flames to engulf them, setting the surroundings ablaze and terrifying the remaining enemies.

The Player’s Handbook states the following:

Flaming Sphere 5e

2nd-level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M (some tallow, a dusting of powdered iron, and a pinch of brimstone)

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

A 5-foot-diameter sphere of fire will appear in an unoccupied area of your choice within range and lasts for the duration. Any creature that finishes its turn as close as 5 feet to the sphere must make a Dexterity saving roll.

The creature will take 2d6 fire damage on a failed save or only half as much damage on a successful one.


As a bonus action, you have the capability to move the sphere no more than 30 feet. If you choose to ram the sphere into a target, that target must make the saving roll against the sphere’s damage, and the sphere will stop moving this turn.

If you move the sphere, you can decide to direct it over barriers up to 5 feet tall and have it jump across cavities up to 10 feet wide.

The sphere can ignite flammable objects not being worn or carried, and it also sheds bright light in a radius of 20 feet and dim light for an extra 20 feet.

At Higher Levels: When you cast Flaming Sphere using a 3rd-level spell slot or higher, the damage will increase by 1d6 for each slot level above 2nd.

Which Classes Can Pick Flaming Sphere?

Traditional classes, such as the Druid, Sorcerer, and Wizard, can freely unlock Flaming Sphere.

All three classes can unlock and use this spell at level 3.

Subclasses like Light Domain (Cleric), Circle of Wildfire (Druid), The Celestial (Warlock), and Alchemist (Artificer).

The Light Domain (Cleric), Circle of Wildfire (Druid), and The Celestial (Warlock) can unlock and use this spell at level 3, while the Alchemist (Artificer) only unlocks it at level 5.

Is Flaming Sphere Good in 5e?

Using Flaming Sphere appropriately can make it a formidable spell on the battlefield. It isn’t straightforward and is quite tricky for newer players to understand, but if that’s your thing, try it out.

Advantages – Flaming Sphere

Low Level

Flaming Sphere is a 2nd-level spell, meaning that players playing full casters (with this spell in their spell list) can unlock it at level 3.

Bonus Action

The spell isn’t cast using a Bonus action, but the sphere can be moved using a Bonus action.

That means you can save your normal action to use it on a different spell or ability, using your Bonus action to move your sphere of fire wherever you like (within 60 feet).

Disadvantages – Flaming Sphere

Material Component

In many instances, Material components can be expensive or rare. Luckily for this spell, it will be easy to buy them in most towns you pass through.

The problem arises when you aren’t inside a town (you’re in the wilderness) and you go looking for these items. You’ll most likely be left without them, meaning you can’t cast the spell.

Concentration Spell

Concentration spells are broken easily by enemies and can leave players unable to cast some of their other spells.

Enemies usually love targeting squishy spellcasters or players with much control over the battlefield. So if they want to, they can try and damage you once, which will cancel your concentration and your spell.

Around 46% of spells use concentration. You are disabling yourself from casting all other spells using concentration by casting a concentration spell.

Uses an Action

Unfortunately, Flaming Sphere uses an action instead of a set amount of time. Meaning you are unable to take another action that turn, forcing you to wait until the next turn.

Spells Similar To Flaming Sphere

Shatter is a 2nd-level spell with a similar area of effect to Flaming Sphere. You could think of it like the Cantrip Thunderclap.

Shatter has more damage, more AoE range, a more effective saving roll modifier, and is easier to use. Therefore, many players choose it over Flaming Sphere.

When or How Should I Use Flaming Sphere?

Following Groups of Enemies

Since you can move Flaming Sphere around, it seems fun to chase enemies with it each round.

You’ll only be using a bonus action while they’re wasting their time running away from a giant fireball not to take damage.

Ignite Flammable Objects

There are many flammable objects in the world of D&D. Using them to your advantage will give you the edge in battle.

Try setting the environment around enemies on fire (if possible), frightening them, and pushing them into a corner, as running through the fire could damage them.

Ground Enemies

Flaming Sphere isn’t cast in the air. Therefore, you will need to target enemies on the ground and move it accordingly.

When fighting flying enemies, you should use a spell like Magic Missile.

Lighting Effect

Casting Flaming Sphere in a large dark cavern or dungeon can illuminate much of the area.

Even though it takes up action, the rest of your party members should be able to assist you if there is any danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Flaming Sphere Be Extinguished?

Since this spell can be interacted with, creatures can indeed extinguish it. Using means (more water than the flame can handle) that would extinguish a fire this size should be more than enough.

Can Darkness Dispel Flaming Sphere?

If the area of Darkness overlaps with the light created by Flaming Sphere, it will be dispelled as it created that light.

Flaming Sphere is also a 2nd-level spell, meaning Darkness can dispel it.

Final Thoughts

Flaming Sphere isn’t a spell most adventurers will look at and want to pick. But that’s fine. There are spells out there that don’t suit all players.

The thing is, some players still use it. It fits into their way of fighting and is easy for them to understand.

Ultimately, it depends on preference and what makes their character look cool while they roleplay!