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Magic Weapon 5e D&D Guide

Magic Weapon 5e D&D Guide

A shimmering aura envelops your weapon, imbuing it with otherworldly power.

The very air around it crackles with arcane energy, and you feel a surge of confidence knowing that no mundane defense can stand against your newly enchanted weapon.

With this spell, you are ready to face even the most fearsome of foes, for your weapon has become a conduit of pure magical might.

The Player’s Handbook states the following:

Magic Weapon 5e

2nd-level Transmutation

Casting Time: 1 Bonus action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You make contact with a non-magical weapon. That weapon now has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls while the spell is in effect. It also gains the property of being a magic weapon.

At Higher Levels: When you cast Magic Weapon using a 4th-level spell slot or higher, the bonus will increase to +2. When you use a 6th-level spell slot or higher, the bonus will increase to +3.

Spell Type – Buff

Which Classes Can Pick Magic Weapon 5e?

Traditional classes, such as the Artificer, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Wizard, can freely unlock Magic Weapon.

The Sorcerer and Wizard can freely unlock and use Magic Weapon at level 3, while the Artificer, Paladin, and Ranger can only unlock it at level 5.

Subclasses such as War Domain (Cleric), Arcana Domain (Cleric), Forge Domain (Cleric), and Oath of Glory (Paladin) can freely unlock Magic Weapon.

All three Cleric subclasses can unlock and use Magic Weapon at level 3, while the Oath of Glory (Paladin) can only unlock it at level 5.

Is Magic Weapon Good in 5e?

Magic Weapon is an incredibly simple spell. Even so, it is considered a good spell for any supportive or weapon-wielding caster to incorporate into their build.

It provides an excellent bonus to your weapon and can last up to 1 hour. Players can also upscale the spell to give even higher bonuses to their weapons.

Advantages – Magic Weapon

Bonus Action

Magic Weapon doesn’t use a standard action to be cast; it only uses a bonus action. You can cast another spell or buff an ally to strengthen them even more.

No Material Component

You won’t need a Material component to cast Magic Weapon. The spell only requires players to be able to use Verbal and Somatic components.

Note: Be careful of Silence spells from spellcasters and restraints around your hands, which will affect these components.

Class Availability

Magic Weapon is available to five different classes, and two of those classes (Wizard and Ranger) are extremely popular among players.

That means the spell will be available to more players. However, the chances of being chosen rely on how good the spell is!

Disadvantages – Magic Weapon


Magic Weapon needs Concentration to stay active. That means Magic Weapon will be canceled if the caster takes damage or tries to cast another Concentration spell.

Note: Stay out of heavy melee combat unless you don’t intend for the spell to last long.


Upscaling a spell usually comes as an advantage, but not for Magic Weapon.

Using a spell slot of the 4th or higher will only provide you with a +2 bonus, and compared to other 4th-level spells, there is no benefit to Magic Weapon’s upscaling.

Spells Similar to Magic Weapon 5e

Players can use these spells similar to or in combination with Magic Weapon: Elemental Weapon, Magic Stone, Flame Blade, Branding Smite, Elemental Bane, and Shadow Blade.

When or How Should You Use Magic Weapon?

Bonus Damage

Spellcasters in 5e don’t carry powerful melee weapons on them and definitely don’t try to obtain any magical ones.

The problem arises when they’re forced into melee combat, where their skills and spells might also be lacking.

In those situations, simply use Magic Weapon. It won’t do much damage, but it’ll make a difference, and it’s better than only attacking with a standard weapon.

Buffing Allies

Magic Weapon has a range of Touch, and players can use it to buff the weapons of allies. All you need to do is ensure you’re in range and keep your Concentration up.

Magic Weapon is, without a doubt, better on any martial class than it would be on a spellcaster (except for some Warlock builds).

So if you have the chance, give your Barbarian or Fighter a boost, and you’ll see how quickly they tear through enemy lines.

Lower Levels

Magic Weapon is only a 2nd-level spell. That means full casters can unlock it at level 3.

The bonuses you receive from Magic Weapon will be useful throughout the entire game, but they’ll shine in the early game.

Your stats will be lacking, your hits will be fewer, and your damage will be lower.

But if you take Magic Weapon, damage, and attack hits will increase. So if you want to hit harder and more frequently, try using Magic Weapon on your melee weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dispel Magic Cancel Magic Weapon?

Yes, but Dispel Magic is only for spells. Dispel Magic can only dispel the effect of a spell you cast using a permanent magic item.

I would argue that you can dispel Magic Weapon while it’s being cast but not while it’s active. However, some DMs might be more lenient or let enemies completely dispel Magic Weapon.

Is Magic Weapon Better Than Elemental Weapon?

Both spells are great for adding bonuses to non-magical weapons.

While Elemental Weapon is one level higher than Magic Weapon, it also provides players with some benefits that Magic Weapon completely lets out.

With a +1 bonus to attack rolls, it also provides extra damage (1d4), where players can choose from Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Thunder Damage. Not only that, but its upscaling is also much better.

Final Thoughts

Magic Weapon is a versatile spell that can turn a mundane weapon into a powerful tool of destruction.

There are many scenarios where Magic Weapon is excellent, making it even better when combined with other spells.

Being creative and understanding how Magic Weapon can be used with other spells can overhaul your entire playstyle.

You’ll even be able to support martial players before they destroy a whole battlefield!

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