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Mirror Image 5e D&D Guide

Mirror Image 5e D&D Guide

Mirror Image is a defensive 2nd-level spell. It is a part of the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard spell lists and subclasses.

Mirror Image is used primarily to confuse attacking enemies when the caster is low HP or out of position. It also allows players to take no damage if their rolls are lucky enough.

The Player’s Handbook description is found below:

Mirror Image 5e

2nd-level Illusion

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Self

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 minute

Three illusory duplicates of the caster are made in their space. Until the spell ends, the duplicates will move with and mimic the actions of their caster, shifting position, which makes it impossible to track the actual image effectively.

Note: To dismiss the illusory duplicates, simply use your action.

Creature Attacks

Whenever a creature targets the caster with an attack during Mirror Image’s duration, players must roll a d20 to determine if the attack instead targets one of the existing duplicates.

With three duplicates remaining, players must roll a 6 or higher to change the attack to target a duplicate instead.

With two duplicates, players must roll an 8 or higher, and with one duplicate, players must roll an 11 or higher to shift the attack.

Duplicate’s Durability

A duplicate has the AC value of 10 + the caster’s Dexterity modifier. However, if an attack is to hit a duplicate, it is destroyed.

Duplicates can only be destroyed by an attack that hits it, as it ignores all other damage and effects. Mirror Image then ends when all three duplicates are destroyed, or the duration comes to an end.

Note: Creatures are unaffected by Mirror Image if they can’t see, if they rely on senses other than sight (like blindsight), or if they can perceive illusions as false images (as with true sight).

Classes That Can Pick Mirror Image

Traditional classes that have access to Mirror Image are the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard classes, as they have it in their spell selection.

Subclasses such as Cleric (Trickery Domain), Druid (Circle of the Land: Coast), and Artificer (Armorer) can freely obtain Mirror Image.

Is Mirror Image Good in 5e?

Mirror Image is a typical Illusion spell aiming to confuse or even enrage enemies. There is no denying that it has excellent usefulness when in combat or even on the streets.

Advantages of Mirror Image

Avoid Damage

Since you can have three other duplicates, you can easily confuse enemies as to which one is real. Taking damage early on can be dangerous if the battle lasts longer than expected.

In some instances, using Mirror Image at the start of a round will be beneficial. Make sure to do it sparingly, as some battles are much easier than others.

Low Cost

Since there is no complicated or expensive Material component, as well as a Concentration to focus on, Mirror Image becomes much more straightforward.

Note: Just be careful of conditions (Restrained, Grappled, Petrified, etc.) that will disable your character from making Verbal and Somatic actions.

Disadvantages of Mirror Image

Short Duration

Mirror Image only lasts one minute, which in theory will be long enough to last 10 rounds.

However, the problem arises when we look at longer battle durations, such as against hordes of enemies or in a boss battle.

Note: Some DMs will be crueler than others; having battles last longer than they should, so keep that in mind.

AC Scales With Dexterity

Each duplicate has its AC equal to 10 + the caster’s Dexterity modifier. If the caster hadn’t previously thought they needed Dexterity, they might have a negative modifier.

If you wish to use Mirror Image, try planning out your character beforehand, allocating certain attributes more points than others.

This assures you have the best modifiers for spells like Mirror Image.

How To Use Mirror Image

Mirror Images doesn’t have any major consequences when spamming it. Spamming MIirror Image might produce a net positive for your party in some ways.

Staying Alive

Duplicates reduce your risk of being hit, meaning if you are in a challenging situation, merely summon them and use them to block attacks.

These duplicates can save your life if they block spells that could have mortally wounded you.

Pairing It With the Blur Spell

Blur is another 2nd-level Illusion spell, which functions quite well with Mirror Image.

Blur gives a creature of your choice a disadvantage when they try attacking the real you, which adds another line of defense to your character.

Keep Concentration Up

Since the duplicates aren’t you, Concentration spells will not be canceled when using them to block spells.

Paired with a high-level Concentration spell like True Polymorph can enable players to keep the spell concentrated safely.

Performance Advantage

Since Mirror Image is also a Bard spell, just be aware that they will use it when performing in towns. It is as easy as casting the spell and having your band or crew of dancers help with the show.

Note: Some players will be completely fine with wasting their spell slots to do silly things like this, especially if they might get GP out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do AOE Spells Affected Duplicates?

AOE spells cannot affect duplicates created with Mirror Image. They can only be affected by attack rolls that hit them.

Does Magic Missile Ignore Mirror Image?

Magic Missile does not ignore Mirror Image’s effect. It is likely because each duplicate keeps moving and is challenging to keep track of.

Does Blindsight Negate Mirror Image?

Creatures who have blindsight cannot be affected by Mirror Image. They also occasionally come with the condition that makes them unable to be blinded, meaning they don’t rely on sight at all.

Final Thoughts

Mirror Image can make both enemies and the DM pull out their hair. It effectively makes a player 3 times more difficult to catch with no extra cost.

Just make sure not to have them tank every shot the DM throws at you. You never know if he might become somewhat annoyed and nerf your spell!

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