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Misty Step 5e D&D Guide

Misty Step 5e D&D Guide

A short-range teleport-type spell, Misty Step is a fun, flavorful spell to use in and out of combat. The uses vary widely based on player creativity. It has become a staple for the warlock classat early levels.

The rules for Misty Step are found in the Players Handbook on page 260.

Misty Step 5e

2nd-level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action

Range: Self

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

Briefly surrounded by silvery mist, you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see.

The rules for the Misty Step spell identify it as a bonus action. This might be the most important note to make about the spell.

It allows a character to attack with a weapon or cantrip and then vanish in the same turn, instantly moving them to an unoccupied space within 30 feet that they can see.

Is Misty Step Good?

Misty Step is not a damage spell but has many advantages on the battlefield. It can improve mobility allowing you to teleport instantly to any spot within 30 feet.

Since it is only a bonus action, it allows you to still use your full movement and full attack.

Misty Step can be used to reach difficult or advantageous spots as well. Since it works like a short-range teleport, you can use it to cross gaps or reach elevated locations, provided you can see them.

Utilized at the end of a turn, Misty Step can get the character out of dangerous situations without provoking attacks of opportunity.

This can be especially useful for ranged characters who need to administer healing in melee combat.

Hot Tip
Misty Step does not have any ability to be cast at higher levels. That being said, it makes for one of the best combination spells in the game. It also makes a great get-out-of-dodge spell when things go sideways.

Can You Misty Step Out of a Grapple?

Misty Step, per the spell description, only has verbal components. This allows the caster to simply mutter a few words and teleport away.

There are no checks involved, so the grapple would instantly be broken. Taken as a bonus action at the beginning of the turn, the caster could Misty Step away from the grapple, attack the grappler, and move away.

Likewise, you can also use Misty Step to escape bonds. Even though the spell intends for your possessions to go along with you, it would still be your choice.

This allows you to use Misty Step to escape shackles, a net, or being tied up. This may not be the case with magic items, as they are usually specific in the intent to hold someone.

Hot Tip
Misty Step, paired with full movement by a humanoid, puts the caster out of move and attack range by most humanoids and a large number of creatures. This allows the caster to attack, Misty Step away and then continue to move out of potential melee range.

Can You Carry Someone With Misty Step?

As interesting as it would be, the answer is no. The rules do not specify in the description that this is the case. However, the spell’s range is self. Misty Step only affects the caster and their immediate possessions.

There is a difference between objects and creatures clearly defined throughout the game. This implies that the caster can carry his backpack, weapon, or sack of gold as these are objects in their possession.

It does not indicate the caster can carry another creature even though they might be in the caster’s possession.

Can You Cast Misty Step and Another Spell?

Absolutely, provided the other spell is a cantrip with a 1 action cast time.

The rules in the Players Handbook are clear that a magic user may cast a leveled spell and a cantrip in the same turn, provided one has a casting time of a bonus action and the other has a casting time of 1 action. Feel free to Misty Step out of that grapple and Eldritch Blast your would-be captor.

Does Misty Step Provoke an Attack of Opportunity?

A character only provokes opportunity attacks under certain conditions. If the character moves willingly out of melee range of an attacker, they provoke an attack of opportunity.

Misty Step is a spell that works as teleportation, meaning the caster would not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Can You Use Misty Step as a Reaction?

Misty Step is a bonus action. Bonus actions cannot be readied, and they can only be cast on your turn.  Therefore, Misty Step cannot be used as a reaction.

Hot Tip
When picking spells for the warlock, the list can be rather limited. A warlock that has Eldritch Blast or Pact of the Blade can utilize Misty Step to its full potential quite easily.

Misty Step 5e FAQs

Can You Use Misty Step To Avoid Damage in 5e?

If you take an issue like falling from a high place, there is a chance that you can use Misty Step to avoid the damage, but only if it’s used before hitting the ground.

By falling on one round and not landing before it’s your turn, you can use your bonus action and teleport using Misty Step to avoid the damage. Remember that you still need to think about the remaining height you’ll fall, so try casting it when you’re close to the ground or some sort of safety.

Even though this can be disputed and argued about when playing, leave the final verdict up to your DM, as they probably won’t be too unreasonable (hopefully, I know some DMs are insane).

Can I Misty Step Through Walls in 5e?

You can actually use Misty Step to go through walls; however, you’ll need to meet one condition before that’s possible. You need to be able to see where you want to go.

Say there’s a hole in the wall, and you can see the destination you want to teleport to. If it’s within 30 feet, you’ll have no problem teleporting to that area using Misty Step.

All you need to be careful of is sight, so keep that in mind if you have Misty Step learned and want to be a sneaky wall-phasing bugger.

Can Misty Step Be Counter-Spelled in 5e?

If you can Blind or Silence the caster of Misty Step, you can stop them from casting the spell, as you need both sight (to see where you’re teleporting) and speech (as it uses a Verbal component).

You can also use Counterspell to stop Misty Step, but you should keep that for spells that can affect your whole party if cast.

Final Thoughts

The premise of Misty Step is to increase mobility on the battlefield, and it does an excellent job of that. The bonus action casting time makes the spell all the better.

The idea of moving, attacking, and then vanishing into a puff of silver mist only to reappear instantly 30 feet away is full of flavor opportunity.

There are uses for the spell in and out of combat. Multipurpose spells are significantly better when spell slots are limited. The options for use are almost limitless and can add a great bit of fun to the character, no matter the play style.

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