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Produce Flame 5e D&D Guide

Produce Flame 5e D&D Guide

A flicker of light appears in your palm, gradually growing into a small flame.

The warmth of the fire dances across your fingertips as you hold the magical flame aloft, illuminating the darkened chamber with a soft glow.

With this spell, you have harnessed the power of the elements themselves, becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The Player’s Handbook states the following:

Produce Flame 5e

Conjuration Cantrip

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Self

Components:  V, S

Duration: 10 minutes

Your palm suddenly has a flickering flame in it. Throughout its duration, the flame does not injure you or damage your equipment.

A 10-foot radius of bright light is cast by the flame, followed by another 10-foot radius of dim light. If you were to dismiss the spell as an action or cast it again, the spell expires.

The flame can also be used for attacking, although doing so breaks the magic.

You can fling the flame at a creature within 30 feet of you when you perform Produce Flame as an action on a subsequent turn. Initiate a ranged spell attack. The target sustains 1d8 fire damage from a hit.

At Higher Levels: This spell’s damage will increase by 1d8 when you reach the 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8).

Which Classes Can Pick Produce Flame 5e?

Druids are the only traditional class that can freely unlock Produce Flame.

A Druid can unlock and use Produce Flame at level 1.

No subclasses can freely unlock Produce Flame.

Is Produce Flame Good in 5e?

While Produce Flame is weaker than Fire Bolt, it has a good utility and damage spell.

If you merely hold it in your hand, the flame will create light, meaning you won’t need a torch. You’ll also have a spell you can instantly cast if attacked.

It also lasts for quite some time (10 minutes), so you won’t have to worry about it ending. Just be mindful that you won’t be able to light anything on fire with Produce Flame like with Fire Bolt.

Advantages – Produce Flame


Produce Flame is a highly versatile spell as it acts as a utility spell (while in your palm) and as an offensive spell (when thrown).

Having a spell that can do both makes it worthwhile in more ways than one.


Produce Flame has a duration of 10 minutes. That isn’t too long, but it can last a while.

Remember, it’s also a Cantrip spell, meaning even if the time runs out, you’ll easily be able to recast it with almost no requirements.

Disadvantages – Produce Flame


Produce Flame has a range of self when cast in your hand. The flame stays on your hand until the spell ends or you decide to throw it.

When thrown, that flame can travel up to 30 feet, which is still not too far.

Class Availability

Produce Flame is a Druid-only spell. While Druids are a great and intricate class, not many players pick the Druid class as it sounds like you’ll be more of an old botanist than a spellcaster.

So the odds of having a Druid in your party, let alone one that picks Produce Flame, is extremely low.

Combination Limitation

Produce Flame is a combination of the Cantrips Fire Bolt and Light. While it has effects of both, it is also less effective than both spells.

For example, the Light spell gives twice the amount of light and 1 hour of duration, while Produce Flame only lasts 10 minutes.

Fire Bolt also deals 1d10 Fire damage with a 120-foot range, while Produce Flame deals 1d8 Fire damage with a 30-foot range.

Spells Similar to Produce Flame 5e

Spells similar to Produce Flame are Fire Bolt (Cantrip), Sacred Flame (Cantrip), Eldritch Blast (Cantrip), and Ray of Frost (Cantrip).

When or How Should You Use Produce Flame?

Distracting Enemies

When in a dark cave or dungeon, enemies will likely focus on sources of light, as they’re the most visible.

So if you’re part wants to retreat or set up an ambush for enemies, try to use Produce Flame to do so.

If they see you running with a light, they’ll likely think you’re trying to retreat or get away, and they’ll follow.

In those moments, you can have your party ambush them or throw them off track by hurling the flame at them.

Quick Thinking

Caves and dungeons are hazardous areas where you’ll have to think quickly if anything happens.

That’s why having a spell that acts as light to see in the darkness while also having the ability to quickly cast that light is beneficial.

When something happens, you’ll be able to react immediately. You won’t have to start casting another spell, as you already have a spell in your palm!

Signaling Allies

Whether you’re in a dark forest, gloomy cave, or suspenseful dungeon, being able to signal your allies when something happens is always beneficial.

The light given off by Produce Flame isn’t that large, but it can be seen in a dark area. So if you are ever lost or need to signal that enemies are near, you can use Produce Flame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Produce Flame Ignite a Campfire?

Produce Flame’s description tells us that it can’t ignite equipment, meaning it can’t ignite other objects as well.

If you use Produce Flame without changes, you won’t be able to ignite a campfire. Your DM might allow you to ignite a campfire, but just be wary; not all DMs are lenient.

Can You Make a Melee Attack While Produce Flame Is Active?

Since Produce Flame uses only one of your hands, if you attack using a one-handed weapon, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Just make sure you aren’t using a two-handed weapon and have actions to make a melee attack in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Produce Flame is a versatile cantrip that can be used by any player who thinks they need it. In most cases, it’ll come in handy, especially when you don’t have a torch ready!

Its ability to be thrown at will makes it a valuable tool for combat, and its combination of damage and utility makes it a well-rounded choice for any spellcaster.

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