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Protection from Evil and Good 5e D&D Guide

Protection from Evil and Good 5e D&D Guide

As you begin to chant the ancient incantation, a shimmering aura envelops you, emanating a soft, silvery light.

The words of power resonate through your body, and you feel a surge of strength as you are protected from the malevolent forces of the world.

Your enemies’ dark magic and wicked intentions shall be repelled, for you are now under a spell protecting you from all forces.

The Player’s Handbook says the following:

Protection from Evil and Good 5e

1st-level Abjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (holy water or powdered silver and iron, which the spell consumes)

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

A willing creature you touch is immune to aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead until the spell expires.

The protection offers a number of advantages. These creatures are at a disadvantage when making attack rolls against the target. Additionally, they are unable to seduce, intimidate, or possess the victim.

If the target is already charmed, terrified, or possessed by such a monster, the victim gets advantage on all new saving throws against the appropriate effect.

Which Classes Can Pick Protection from Evil and Good 5e?

Traditional classes like the Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Warlock, and Wizard can freely unlock Protection from Evil and Good.

All the traditional classes can unlock and use Protection from Evil and Good at level 1.

The subclass Oath of Devotion can also freely unlock Protection from Evil and Good at level 1.

Is Protection from Evil and Good, Good in 5e?

Protection from Evil and Good might seem like a simple low-level spell, but the effects it gives players are priceless, especially when looking at how easy this spell is to cast.

It can be said that it is even a must-have for Paladins, as the buffs it provides are extremely overpowered.

The excessive number of creatures it works against also makes it a top-tier spell for any supportive/defensive character.

Advantages – Protection from Evil and Good


Protection from Evil and Good has a duration of 10 minutes. If the spell is kept active for the entire duration, it will always last until a battle is complete.

Class Availability

This spell is available to five classes. These classes include the Wizard, Cleric, and Paladin, which are very popular classes.

Many parties have these players of these classes. Since the spell is excellent, there is also a high chance classes like the Cleric or Paladin will choose it as a supportive spell.

Disadvantages – Protection from Evil and Good

Material Component

The materials required to cast Protection from Evil and Good aren’t very scarce, but they can be expensive.

You can expect to pay 25 GP for the holy water, while the silver and iron combined will cost around 10 GP.

So even if you only use the silver and iron, the spell consumes them, making it very expensive for lower-level players.

Concentration Spell

Since Protection from Evil and Good is a Concentration spell, it can quickly be canceled.

If you take damage or try and cast another Concentration spell, Protection from Evil and Good will be canceled, and the effects, spell slot, and materials will be lost.

Spells Similar to Protection from Evil and Good 5e

Spells similar to Protection from Evil and Good are Sanctuary (1st-level), Shield (1st-level), Protection from Energy (3rd-level), Death Ward (4th-level), and Hallow (5th-level).

Hallow would probably be the closest spell to Protection from Evil and Good because it also focuses on protection from evil or good entities.

When or How Should You Use Protection from Evil and Good?

Facing Demonic or Divine Powers

In the list of creature types that Protection from Evil and Good effects are the Celestial and Fiend categories.

These are related to the divine (Celestial) and demonic (Fiend) creatures found in the world of D&D.

Therefore, if you are fighting creatures native to the Lower Planes (Demons and Devils) or Upper Planes (Angels and Pegasi), this spell can be highly effective.

These enemies are generally tougher than others due to their godly nature, so having an advantage against them is always beneficial.

Fighting Powerful Liches

Powerful creatures known as Liches are one with death and decay. They can raise undead and can even command armies if their terror isn’t stopped.

If you are to face a Lich in your campaign, having a spell like Protection from Evil and Good will help you battle their army of the dead.

Note: The Lich is also undead, so even it will be affected by the spell.

Oath of Devotion Paladin

Paladins are known as the armored protectors of their parties. The Oath of Devotion specializes in battling Fiends and the Undead.

Their feature, Turn the Unholy, has these creatures (if they fail their saving throw) involuntarily move away from the Paladin.

Paired with Protection from Evil and Good, the Oath of Devotion Paladin becomes a beacon of steadfastness, leading a party through the hordes of evil before them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Value of the Material Items Used?

If you were to buy a vial of Holy Water, it would cost you around 25 GP. While the powdered iron and silver can each go for 5 GP if the DM were to use the ingot costs, making them 10 GP altogether.

Note: Since the spell consumes the items, you’ll have to constantly buy more, which can be expensive for low-level players.

Must You Specify Which Benefit You Will Receive?

When casting Protection from Evil and Good, the benefits for casting the spell are all given without the caster having to list them.

You also won’t have to choose which creatures you are protected from, as that is implemented when the spell is cast.

Final Thoughts

Protection from Evil and Good is a powerful tool for protecting oneself or an ally from creatures of a certain type (Aberrations, Celestials, Elementals, Fey, Fiends, and Undead).

This spell can provide a crucial advantage in combat against these types of enemies. Despite its low level and the number of affected players, it is still considered an extremely powerful spell!

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