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The 5 Best Backgrounds for Eladrin in D&D 5e

The 5 Best Backgrounds for Eladrin in D&D 5e

Step into the ethereal realms of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition as we unveil the perfect backgrounds for Eladrin characters.

In a world where the very seasons dance to their whims, choosing the right background is paramount for a narrative that captures the essence of the ever-changing Feywild Elves known as the Eladrin.

What Are Backgrounds in D&D 5e?

Backgrounds are more than simple stat boosts in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. They reveal where your character came from, why you became an adventurer, and your place in the world.

Before choosing your Background, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What was I before I became an adventurer?
  • Why did I stop doing what my Background explains and become an adventurer?
  • Where did I get the money to buy my starting equipment?
  • Where did I learn the skills used in my class?
  • What’s different about me compared to others with the same Background?

Best Backgrounds for Eladrin

5. Feylost

Skill Proficiencies – Survival, Deception

Tool Proficiencies – One type of musical instrument

Languages – Choose one among Sylvan, Goblin, Gnomish, or Elvish

Equipment – A set of traveler’s clothes, a musical instrument (choose one), three trinkets (determined by rolling the Feywild Trinkets table), and a pouch with 8GP.

Why the Feylost?

Feylost Eladrin are already very close to the Feywild, but with Feylost, they are left with a Fey Mark as well as better communication skills with Fey creatures.

Feywild Visitor makes a spirit of the Feywild visit you in a deep trance or long rest.

This visitor will never harm you but can bring all sorts of information or a bunch of nonsense, though you’ll have to nitpick what information you take seriously.

4. Hermit

Skill Proficiencies – Religion, Medicine

Tool Proficiencies – Herbalism kit

Languages – Choose one

Equipment – A set of common clothes, a winter blanket, a scroll case stuffed full of notes from your studies or prayers, a Herbalism kit, and 5 GP.

Why the Hermit?

A Hermit lives a Life of Seclusion, but this seclusion resulted in a campaign-changing discovery.

Whether you picked up a cursed artifact, discovered a secret of the universe, or befriended a god, anything is possible when you’re a Hermit Eladrin.

Note: Eladrin can possibly interfere with the seasons, so it might be a good idea to secretly use that for a plot twist as a DM.

3. Faceless

Skill Proficiencies – Intimidation, Deception

Tool Proficiencies – Disguise kit

Languages – Choose one

Equipment – A costume, a disguise kit, and a pouch with 10GP.

Why the Faceless?

Faceless Eladrin already make great Rangers, or Rogues, due to their dextrous nature, and when using a Disguise kit, they only become more stealthy.

Dual Personalities will also stop anyone trying to look up information about your true self, keeping you anonymous no matter how hard they try to get dirt on you.

That also means you can change your appearance between your two personalities. Just don’t let others see this change, as this will weaken your deception.

2. Outlander

Skill Proficiencies – Survival, Athletics

Tool Proficiencies – One type of musical instrument

Languages – One you choose

Equipment – A trophy from an animal you killed, a set of traveler’s clothes, a hunting trap, a staff, and a pouch with 10GP.

Why the Outlander?

Outlander works for almost any class you choose as an Eladrin, and because of your link to the changing seasons, it might be fun to incorporate a trait that heightens or weakens certain aspects based on the season you’re in.

1. Planar Philosopher

Skill Proficiencies – Arcana, the skill associated with your faction (see Sigil Faction Affinities table) or on a skill you choose.

Languages – Choose two

Equipment – A manifesto of your guiding philosophy, a portal key (like a bag of golden tea leaves or the tooth of a planar beast), a set of common clothes in your faction’s style, and a pouch with 10GP worth of coins from different planes and worlds.

Why the Planar Philosopher?

Planar Philosopher Eladrin might be obsessed with the origin of not only their plane’s magic, but of all the magic held within all the planes.

Conviction gives you the Scion of the Outer Planes feat, and your organization gives you access to modest lodging and food at their homes or holdings.

Note: There are also Factions of Sigil, which might be appealing to your Eladrin character, adding more depth to how they govern their philosophies.

Final Thoughts

Whether unraveling arcane mysteries of the universe as a Planar Philosopher, becoming one with shadow as a Faceless, or thriving in the wilderness as an Outlander, each background provides a unique lens through which your Eladrin character can express their ethereal nature.

Delve into the intricate layers of your character’s past, allowing the chosen background to seamlessly interweave with their otherworldly essence.