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The 5 Best Backgrounds for the Fairy in D&D 5e

The 5 Best Backgrounds for the Fairy in D&D 5e

In a world where magic flits on delicate wings, selecting the right background is crucial for crafting a narrative as whimsical as the tiny, ethereal beings themselves.

This guide weaves through the fantastical landscapes, presenting the five best backgrounds meticulously crafted to resonate with the enchanting nature and magical abilities of Fairies.

What Are Backgrounds in D&D 5e?

Backgrounds are more than simple stat boosts in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. They reveal where your character came from, why you became an adventurer, and your place in the world.

Before choosing your Background, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What was I before I became an adventurer?
  • Why did I stop doing what my Background explains and become an adventurer?
  • Where did I get the money to buy my starting equipment?
  • Where did I learn the skills used in my class?
  • What’s different about me compared to others with the same Background?

Best Backgrounds for Fairies

5. Feylost

Skill Proficiencies – Survival, Deception

Tool Proficiencies – One type of musical instrument

Languages – Choose one among Sylvan, Goblin, Gnomish, or Elvish

Equipment – A set of traveler’s clothes, a musical instrument (choose one), three trinkets (determined by rolling the Feywild Trinkets table), and a pouch with 8GP.

Why the Feylost?

Feylost Fairies aren’t much different than normal Fairies, but they may have stronger connections to the Feywilds, leaving them with a Fey Mark as well as better communication skills with Fey creatures.

Feywild Visitor makes a spirit of the Feywild visit you in a deep trance or long rest.

This visitor will never harm you but can bring all sorts of information or a bunch of nonsense, though you’ll have to nitpick what information you take seriously.

4. Knight of the Order

Skill Proficiencies – Persuasion, plus one among Religion, Nature, History, and Arcana, as appropriate for your order

Tool Proficiencies – One type of gaming setor musical instrument

Languages – Choose one

Equipment – A seal representing your place or rank in the order, a set of traveler’s clothes, a banner, a signet, and a pouch with 10GP.

Why the Knight of the Order?

Fairies might not be the best Paladins, but they can make good Druids or Clerics in theory, and when they become a Knight of the Order, their skills are tied to a certain organization in Faerûn.

Knight Regard will allow a Fairy to gain access to many different buildings, including temples, if the order they belong to is religious. 

They will even gain support from the community, no matter if they are a small organization or a powerful kingdom, and at times, they will even come to your aid in battle.

3. Sage

Skill Proficiencies – History, Arcana

Tool Proficiencies – None

Languages – Two you choose

Equipment – A set of common clothes, a letter from a dead colleague posing a question you haven’t been able to answer, a bottle of ink, a small knife, a quill, and a pouch with 10GP.

Why the Sage?

Fairies already make good spellcasters, but being a Sage amplifies this image further.

Researcher also makes for the perfect character that you can always ask to recall lore or information, especially about important developments in the campaign (if the DM allows it).

2. Folk Hero

Skill Proficiencies – Animal Handling, Survival

Tool Proficiencies – Vehicles (land), One type of Artisan’s tools

Languages – None

Equipment – One set of Artisan’s tools (you may choose), an iron pot, a set of common clothes, a shovel, and a pouch with 10GP.

Why the Folk Hero?

Rustic Hospitality will be your main ability as a Folk Hero, playing the role of people’s hero and an event that defines you as such.

With Rustic Hospitality, you gain the favor of common folk around you, shielding you from danger, though their lives will not be risked for your cause.

Fairies might be shy, but the good ones will save any commoner in trouble, so they can easily become a Folk Hero.

1. Outlander

Skill Proficiencies – Survival, Athletics

Tool Proficiencies – One type of musical instrument

Languages – One you choose

Equipment – A trophy from an animal you killed, a set of traveler’s clothes, a hunting trap, a staff, and a pouch with 10GP.

Why the Outlander?

Outlander works for almost any class you choose as a Fairy, and because of your link to nature and flight, you’ll be even better at reconnaissance.

Not to mention that you can easily find water and food, enough to feed up to 5 party members, which is a great bonus.

Final Thoughts

Whether unraveling arcane secrets as a Sage, gaining the loyalty of the commoners as a Folk Hero, or thriving in the wilderness as an Outlander, each background contributes a unique flourish to your Fairy character’s story.

Immerse yourself in the delicate threads of your character’s past, allowing the chosen background to seamlessly intertwine with their ethereal existence.