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The 15 Best Uncommon Magical Items in D&D 5e [Ranked]

The 15 Best Uncommon Magical Items in D&D 5e [Ranked]

Uncommon Magical Items are one level up from Common ones, not being too difficult to find but requiring a relative challenge to acquire.

They could be found in the odd Wizard tower or ancient ruin, but they are very rarely sold in shops, so get ready for an adventure.

Magic Item Rarity in 5e D&D

In D&D, you’ll come across many different items that will each have their own rarity.

The following list shows item rarity from least rare to most rare:

In other words, Uncommon items aren’t very difficult to find, and will usually come it most short to medium length games.

Best Uncommon Magical Items

15. Mithral Armor

Attunement – None

Item Type – Armor (medium or heavy)

Mithral Armor is light and flexible, making the armor you’ve chosen not impose any disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks and ignore Strength requirements.

Certain armor has higher AC than others, but they have Strength requirements or, more commonly, stealth disadvantages. 

Therefore, if you want to avoid those and get the armor you want, you’ll need to get a hold of a Mithral set of that armor.

14. Instrument of the Bards

Attunement – Yes (by a Bard)

Item Type – Wondrous item

There are three uncommon instruments of the Bard available: the Doss Lute, Fochlucan bandore, and Mac-Fuirmidh cittern.

Each has its own array of powerful spells, simply using the instrument to cast them without expending much in return and having to wait until the next day to cast the spell again. 

An instrument also imposes disadvantage on any creatures that will be charmed if they fail a saving throw (this effect only applies if the spell has a material or somatic component).

13. Rod of the Pact Keeper

Attunement – Yes (by a Warlock)

Item Type – Rod

The Rod of the Pact Keeper gives a +1 bonus to spell saving throw DCs and attack rolls of Warlock spells. You can even regain one Warlock spell slot using an action while holding the rod, but that can only be used once each day.

This rod is quite powerful, but since only Warlocks can naturally attune to it, it falls short of other items.

Still, for Warlocks who use offensive magic, the bonuses given by the rod will help a lot.

12. Javelin of Lightning

Attunement – None

Item Type – Weapon (Javelin)

The Javelin of Lightning acts as a magical Javelin, having the ability to deal 4d6 Lightning damage to creatures it passes through, dealing more damage to the target as it also deals normal Javelin damage.

Though this property can only be used once every day, having a magical Javelin and the ability to deal that much damage against hordes of enemies, averaging around 14 Lightning damage, is great.

Strength characters like Barbarians or Fighters will like this weapon even more than most!

11. Gloves of Thievery

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

Gloves of Thievery gives its wearer a +5 bonus to Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks as well as Dexterity checks made for picking locks.

These gloves are best used by a Face, but they can essentially work with almost any character, as you never know when you’ll need to pick a pocket or pick a lock.

10. Potion of Healing

Attunement – None

Item Type – Potion

The Potion of Healing arguably becomes better as the game continues. The main reason is that certain characters can easily craft this item by using alchemy.

When using the uncommon Potion of Healing, it’ll heal 4d4 + 4 HP, which isn’t something to scoff at.

In fact, it’s one of the best items for healing, as it allows your group to heal even when spell slots have run out or you can’t spare any since you need them to continue through a quest.

9. Boots of Elvenkind

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

Boots of Elvenkind have your steps make no sound, no matter the surface you’re moving across. It also gives you advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks when you need to move silently.

Much like the Gloves of Thievery, almost any character will benefit from wearing the Boots of Elvenkind. Though it mostly falls to the Face, it can help those without high Dexterity easily sneak past unsuspecting creatures.

All-in-all, these boots can pair well with other items like the Cloak of Elvenkind or the Cloak of Invisibility.

8. Goggles of Night

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

Wearing the Goggles of Night gives you darkvision to a range of 60 feet but adds to any darkvision you already possess.

When night comes around, it’s better to have darkvision than not to have it, especially as a Rogue or Ranger, who needs to see in order to land their powerful hits.

I would recommend pairing it with the Boots of Elvenkind or even the Cloak of the Bat for a true night stalker experience.

7. Stone of Good Luck

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

When the Stone of Good Luck is on your person, you gain a +1 bonus to saving throws and ability checks.

Having a +1 one to your ability checks and saves is better than not having them, and sometimes, a single point is what you need.

The only issue is that you’ll have to attune to the stone, and in the future, there’ll be much better items, so take that into consideration.

6. Cloak of Protection

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

You’ll gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this cloak.

The Cloak of Protection is one of the most simple yet beneficial items out there. It works well with any other defensive item and can easily be combined with the Ring of Protection for the same bonus twice.

Its only issue is that you’ll have to attune to it, so later on you’ll find better items and have to give it up.

5. Sentinel Shield

Attunement – None

Item Type – Armor (Shield)

Holding the Sentinel Shield gives you advantage on initiative rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Being able to start before others can and having advantage on the most commonly rolled ability check in the game is great.

What makes this item even better is that it doesn’t require any attunement, so you don’t have to sacrifice another awesome magical item to take this one. You can just use them at the same time.

4. Broom of Flying

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

A Broom of Flying has a flying speed of 50 feet and can carry up to 400 lbs (after 200 lbs, the speed goes to 30 ft).

Having flight, especially this early in the game, is too good not to have. The best part is that you’ll need no attunement.

The broom functions best when used for scouting, staying away from enemies on the ground as a spellcaster, or quickly getting to your destination.

3. Weapon of Warning

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Weapon (any)

A Weapon of Warning not only magically wakes you when enemies are nearby, but it also gives you advantage on initiative rolls.

Much like the Moon-Touched Sword, it can also be used to get through nonmagical resistances.

After you set up your campsite or cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut, you’ll need to be aware of monsters nearby, and with Weapon of Warning, you’ll know just when combat starts so you don’t become goblin food!

2. Bag of Holding

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Bag of Holding is 2 feet in diameter, 4 feet deep, and can hold up to 500 lbs, with a volume of 64 cubic feet. Regardless of its contents, the bag always weighs 15 lbs.

Whether you want to hold countless alchemy supplies inside your bag, hoard loot from a dungeon, or stuff a goblin in there, the Bag of Holding provides, and extremely well at that.

1. Winged Boots

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

You will gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed, and the boots can be used to fly for up to 4 hours. When you fall, it has the feather fall effect, and it regains 2 hours of flight every 12 hours.

There’s no reason for the Winged Boots to be an uncommon item. It’s just too good, and when combined with high-walking-speed characters like the Monk, it becomes even better.

Just to note, the Winged Boots don’t have a weight capacity, so even your Goliath weighing over 300 or 350 lbs can easily wear these boots and fly around like a huge fairy.

Final Thoughts

Some Uncommon items give you a taste of what’s to come with higher-level magical items, especially those such as the Winged Boots or the Bag of Holding.

At this point, you’ll understand that certain magical items have inherent advantages compared to others, like the melee weapon being able to get past nonmagical resistances.

Knowledge like this isn’t useful in only one campaign. It’s useful in every campaign.

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