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The 15 Best Legendary Magical Items in D&D 5e [Ranked]

The 15 Best Legendary Magical Items in D&D 5e [Ranked]

Legendary Magical Items are often spoken about but are rarely held by warriors who don’t have the power to fell even the mightiest of monsters.

These items are awarded after beating the most difficult areas of your campaign, completing a particularly inhumane adventure, or defeating a monster with the power to wipe out countries.

Giving an item like this to a mortal can lead to the death of gods, the destruction of worlds, or peace in fear of the power these items wield.

Magic Item Rarity in 5e D&D

In D&D, you’ll come across many different items that will each have their own rarity.

The following list shows item rarity from least rare to most rare:

In other words, Legendary items are only appropriate in the late game, as they contain some of the most powerful items in all of D&D.

Best Legendary Magical Items

15. Ioun Stone

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

At Legendary, the two best options for the Ioun Stone would be Greater Absorption and Mastery.

Greater Absorption acts similarly to the Rod of Absorption, and Mastery increases your proficiency bonus by 1.

Both stone types are great, but Greater Absorption is held back by the fact that it will eventually fizzle out. Having a higher proficiency is really good for Rogues, but other characters might not need it as much.

14. Ring of Three Wishes

Attunement – None

Item Type – Ring

Wearing the Ring of Three Wishes lets you spend 1 of its 3 charges to cast the Wish spell. After expending all the charges, the ring becomes nonmagical.

We all know how powerful Wish is, and being able to cast it 3 times without needing a spell slot is insane. It’ll be best to equip it on a character that will never be able to cast Wish. 

When you look a little deeper, it becomes obvious that the ring is basically a worse Luck Blade.

13. Luck Blade

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Weapon (any sword)

The Luck Blade gives you a +1 bonus to damage and attack rolls, as well as on saving throws when on your person.

You also have the Luck and Wish properties, which lets you reroll one attack roll, saving throw, or ability check, and it gives you the ability to cast Wish up to 3 times.

A Luck Blade without Wish is only a magical sword with some nifty bonuses, but with Wish, it’s an incredible item to have on almost any character.

12. Gloves of Soul Catching

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

Wearing the Gloves of Soul Catching makes your Constitution score 20 (if it isn’t already 20), and it also adds 2d10 Force damage to unarmed attacks made with it, regaining HP equal to the Force damage dealt.

The Constitution increase is an improved version of the Amulet of Health, but its unarmed property can be devastatingly powerful if used by the right character.

Monks or other characters who use unarmed strikes will benefit greatly from the gloves’ ability, as it doesn’t state whether this effect can only be triggered once a turn, making it abusable.

11. Dragon Mask

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Dragon Mask gives you immunity to a damage type, a Legendary Resistance each day, darkvision, the ability to add your Charisma score to your AC, and much more.

What’s even better is that each Dragon Mask also has a unique property based on the color of the mask.

Sorcerers or other characters with high Charisma benefit from the AC increase, and it can really add some finishing touches to builds that are powerful but just need a little something extra.

10. Cloak of Invisibility

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

While wearing the cloak and pulling the hood over your head, you become invisible for up to 2 hours each day in 1-minute increments.

Invisibility is incredibly overpowered in 5e, and having it each day for up to 2 hours isn’t good. It’s fantastic!

Whether you use it for sneaking, stalking, or just annoying your enemies by hitting them with spells that essentially seem like they come from nothing, the Cloak of Invisibility makes any character a menace on the battlefield.

9. Dragon Vessel

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Ascendant Dragon Vessel (which is the Legendary rarity) allows you to fill the vessel with a Potion of Dragon’s Mastery, which will turn you into an adult dragon.

While it has other properties as well, this is by far the strongest, and to be honest, it’s quite boring, as once you’ve become an adult dragon, nothing will survive anyway.

You’ll basically become the strongest member of your party for up to an hour.

8. Belt of Giant Strength

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

A Legendary Belt of Giant Strength gives its wearer 29 Strength…wow!

If you combine this item with a +3 weapon at later stages of the game, you’ll basically hit anything every time you try.

It also helps characters that don’t fit with the traditional Legendary items, allowing them to at least get something for their cool yet mildly infuriating Reddit build.

7. Iron Flask

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

By using an action, you can try to capture a target creature in the flask if they fail a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw. Using another action lets you release the creature and have it be friendly to you and your companions for 1 hour (it also obeys commands).

As a Legendary item, some players might think that the Iron Flask can’t be useful because most creatures will have Legendary Resistances or high Wisdom to avoid being trapped.

However, on the off chance that you play it smart and get to trap a high-challenge-rating creature, it can change the entire course of your campaign.

It might be a gamble, but if you win, you’ll hit the jackpot!

6. Robe of the Archmagi

Attunement – Yes (by a Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard)

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Robe of the Archmagi provides an AC of 15 + your Dexterity modifier, advantage on saves against spells, and magical effects, as well as a +2 bonus to spell save DC and spell attacks.

If you don’t know which legendary item to pick up as the spellcasters named above, just go with the Robe of Archmagi. It’s good, gives some decent benefits, and gives you the juicy spell save DC bonus you’re craving!

5. Horn of Valhalla

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

Horn of Valhalla, at the legendary rarity, can spawn 5d4 + 5 Berserkers, lasting 1 hour and staying alive until they drop to 0 HP or the time ends.

The horn competes with the most powerful items on this list, beating many of the best items in D&D by simply spawning too many Berserkers.

Essentially, the horn guarantees victory whenever you use it in a battle. You spawn a bunch of creatures without having to hold Concentration, making the fight extremely tedious, but winning nonetheless.

4. Blackrazor

Attunement – Yes (by a creature of non-lawful alignment)

Item Type – Weapon (Greatsword)

The Blackrazor is a +3 weapon with properties like Devour Soul and Soul Hunter. 

You gain all kinds of benefits like advantage on saving throws, ability checks, and attack rolls. You can even detect the presence of creatures that are tiny or larger within 60 feet of you.

This sword has so many benefits and properties that it makes many other Legendary items seem terrible in comparison to it.

3. Blackstaff

Attunement – Yes (by the Blackstaff heir, who has to be a Wizard)

Item Type – Staff

The Blackstaff is essentially a Staff of Power on steroids, having all sorts of properties like Dispel magic, Drain Magic, Animate Walking Statues, and, most importantly, Master of Enchantment.

You can do all sorts of crazy things with this staff, such as wielding it with a Staff of Power or abusing its Master of Enchantment property.

Unfortunately, it can only be naturally attuned to by a Wizard, but that won’t stop those who really want it!

2. Staff of the Magi

Attunement – Yes (by a Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard)

Item Type – Staff

The Staff of the Magi has around 19 spells that you can cast, as well as the Spell Absorption property. 

Its best quality is that it can nullify some of the most powerful spells in the game, allowing you to keep your party from harm while flinging endless amounts of spells at the enemy.

1. Wave

Attunement – Yes (by a creature that worships a god of the sea)

Item Type – Weapon (Trident)

Wave is a +3 Trident, functioning as a Trident of Fish Command, Weapon of Warning, Cap of Water Breathing, and a Cube of Force.

While all the properties Wave has is great, its best property would be the fact that it also acts as a Cube of Force, which can be used to break encounters if you know how to use it properly.

Final Thoughts

At this point in your D&D campaign, you understand just how powerful magical items can become, and even though Legendary items aren’t the most powerful in the game, they are still considered godly items.

Understand that if a Legendary item brought into a game has the potential to change its entire course, for better or for worse.