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The 15 Best Rare Magical Items in D&D 5e [Ranked]

The 15 Best Rare Magical Items in D&D 5e [Ranked]

Rare Magical Items are where things start to get a bit absurd, and power starts to seep through into most items you find.

These items won’t be found in shops and are rarely awarded to players who haven’t gone through hell on an adventure.

Finding a Rare magical item is no walk in the park, and by now, you understand just how impactful these items can be in a campaign.

Magic Item Rarity in 5e D&D

In D&D, you’ll come across many different items that will each have their own rarity.

The following list shows item rarity from least rare to most rare:

In other words, Rare items are quite difficult to find and don’t often appear in shorter campaigns, mainly medium-length to longer ones.

Best Rare Magical Items

15. Ring of Protection

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Ring

You’ll gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.

The Ring of Protection is one of the most simple yet beneficial items out there. It works well with any other defensive item and can easily be combined with the Cloak of Protection for the same bonus twice.

Its only issue is that you’ll have to attune to it, so later on you’ll find better items and have to give it up.

14. Periapt of Proof against Poison

Attunement – None

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Periapt of Proof against Poison makes poison have no effect on you while you wear it. Giving you immunity to the poisoned condition and poison damage.

Poison is one of the most common damage types in D&D, so it’s a good idea to have some resistance against it.

Luckily, the periapt doesn’t need any attunement and can be worn with other amulets and pendants, allowing you to have constant Poison immunity.

13. Belt of Dwarvenkind

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

A Belt of Dwarvekind might seem like it was meant for Dwarves, but it isn’t. 

The various benefits, like a Constitution increase, Charisma advantage (when speaking to Dwarves), Poison resistance, darkvision (60 feet), and the ability to speak Dwarvish, are all given to ordinary characters.

You get so many great bonuses that it makes the perfect item to take if you don’t know what else to take. 

I would recommend trying to find the belt if you know you’ll be exposed to a lot of Dwarf interactions.

12. Ring of Evasion

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Ring

The Ring of Evasion has 3 charges (regaining 1d3 charges each day), allowing you to expend one charge using a reaction when you fail a Dexterity save and succeed on it instead.

Dexterity saves might not be as common as Wisdom saves, but the characters who need to pass Dexterity saves will love the Ring of Evasion.

It’ll guarantee a hit when you need it most and probably help, if not save you in the process.

11. Boots of Speed

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

Wearing the Boots of Speed allows you to use a bonus action to tap its heels together, doubling your walking speed and giving creatures who make opportunity attacks against you disadvantage.

Characters who need a ton of movement speed, like the Monk, will love the Boots of Speed. Not only will it allow a character to be bold, but it lets them get in and out of an encounter more efficiently.

You can even use the boots to show off just how much faster you are than your friends!

10. Cloak of the Bat

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Cloak of the Bat gives you advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. It also lets you gain a 40-foot flying speed in dim light or darkness and allows you to expend an action to cast the Polymorph spell, transforming into a bat.

If you want to be a night stalker or a budget vampire, you’ll need to get yourself this cloak.

It might be a bit situational, as its main uses can only be activated at night, but what stops your party from planning most of their operations to be at night?

Note: Being able to scout at night by turning into a bat is more helpful than you think. In most cases, you’ll never be spotted, and if you are, enemies will only think of you as a bat. It’s foolproof until it becomes day.

9. Mace of Terror

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Weapon (Mace)

Holding the Mace of Terror lets you expend a charge and frighten enemies in a 30-foot radius, giving them the Frightened condition.

By using the Mace of Terror, you essentially have an AoE frighten ability that works best on low Wisdom groups of enemies.

Another great addition is that you’ll have access to a magical weapon that can get through nonmagical resistances, but in comparison to other items, the mace tends to fall short.

8. Ring of Spell Storing

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Ring

This ring allows you to store up to 5 levels worth of spells at a given time, and when you want to cast it, you will cast it the same as any other spell, except you’ll be using the statistics of the one who put the spell into the ring.

The Ring of Spell Storing has a lot of uses, but the best way to use it would be to pump it with defensive spells to increase your durability.

Spells like Absorb Elements or Shield work extremely well when put into a Ring of Spell Storing.

7. Amulet of Health

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

While wearing the Amulet of Health, your Constitution score increases to 19 but has no effect on the wearer if their Constitution score is already 19 or more.

The amulet essentially gives you free Constitution, allowing you to put more points into other ability scores.

However, the only downfall of the amulet is that you’ll need to attune to it. Otherwise, it remains one of the best rare amulets you can get your hands on.

6. Belt of Giant Strength

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

At the rare rarity, the Belt of Giant Strength provides the wearer with 21 Strength if the wearer’s Strength isn’t already at 21 or more.

Being able to get an ability score past 20 with only a rare item is so incredibly powerful it doesn’t even make sense.

It might not be the best item for characters who don’t need Strength that much, but for characters like Fighters, Barbarians, or even Moon Druids, having that much Strength at such a low level is insane.

5. Helm of Teleportation

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Helm of Teleportation has 3 charges, and when 1 charge is expended, you cast the Teleport spell. These charges are regained daily (1d3).

You’re able to cast a 7th-level spell for free, up to 3 times a day (if you’re lucky), and it gets refreshed every single day.

Teleport is one of the best ways to travel around in D&D, and having it without needing to expend a spell slot or worry about learning it will benefit your whole party.

4. Two-Birds Sling

Attunement – None

Item Type – Weapon (Sling)

The Two-Birds Sling is a magical Sling with a +1 bonus to damage and attack rolls. It also allows you to ricochet the ammunition from a target you’ve hit after making a ranged attack, allowing you to make another ranged attack.

This Sling has been widely discussed and debated, as some players argue that it allows you to infinitely chain ranged attacks. At the same time, others argue that the Sling is simply a victim of its poor 5e wording.

It’s not clear which side is absolutely correct, but even without this infinite chain, this Sling can still perform pretty well.

3. Sun Blade

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Weapon (Longsword)

The Sun Blade is a Longsword hilt, and when you use a bonus action, the sword springs to existence in pure radiance.

It will gain a +2 bonus to damage and attack rolls, deal Radiant damage (instead of Slashing damage), deal extra damage against Undead (1d8 Radiant damage), and shine bright sunlight in a 15-foot radius and dim sunlight in a 15-foot radius.

The Sun Blade is basically a lightsaber but cooler, and it works wonderfully with Dexterity or Strength builds because of its finesse property.

You should also try to get it if you know you’ll be facing Vampires, as the sunlight will make them think twice before fighting you.

2. Cloak of Displacement

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

The Cloak of Displacement is considered to be one of the best defensive items for any character in D&D.

Giving creatures who want to attack you disadvantage is amazing, but try to take care of enemies who can damage you without having to expend an attack roll.

I would say the Cloak of Displacement works well on almost any character, no matter how much AC they have (though having more AC will make a positive difference).

1. Cube of Force

Attunement – Yes

Item Type – Wondrous item

Cube of Force is tricky to understand as it has so many possible uses that people tend to put it in the “too complicated” or “too much work” boxes.

However, if you learn just what the Cube of Force is capable of and what it can stop, then you understand just how game-breaking this item can be.

Honorable Mentions

  • Wand of Paralysis
  • Rod of the Pact Keeper (+2)
  • Mantle of Spell Resistance
  • Elven Chain
  • Staff of Defense

Final Thoughts

After having a basic idea regarding Common and Uncommon items, you are exposed to Rare items, which completely dismantle the power dynamic and have players not know what’s coming next.

By now, you understand that what’s next will not only be powerful but has the power to change your entire campaign.

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