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Disintegrate 5e D&D Guide

Disintegrate 5e D&D Guide

Disintegrate is a 6th-level spell falling under the Sorcerer and Wizard spell lists.

This spell is exceptionally powerful for mages wanting to obliterate their opponents and turn them to literal dust.

The Player’s Handbook specifics are as follows:

Disintegrate 5e

6th-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M (lodestone and a pinch of dust)

Duration: Instantaneous

A thin green ray will spring from your pointing finger to a target you see within range.

The target can be a creature, object, or creation of magic, such as a wall created by a spell.

A creature targeted by Disintegrate must make a Dexterity saving roll. On a failed save, the target will take 10d6 + 40 force damage. The target is disintegrated if the damage leaves it with 0 hit points.

The disintegrated target and everything it was wearing and carrying, except magical items, are reduced to fine gray dust.

Players can only restore the target’s life by employing a true resurrection or wish spell.

This spell automatically disintegrates a large or small nonmagical object or the creation of magical force.

If the target is a huge/large object or creation of force, the spell disintegrates a 10-foot-cube portion of it.

Note: Magic items are unaffected by Disintegrate.

At Higher Levels: When you cast Disintegrate by using a spell slot level of the 7th or higher, its damage increases by 3d6 for each slot level above the 6th slot level.

What Does Disintegrate Do 5e?

Upon casting Disintegrate, the target must make a Dexterity saving roll. If the save fails, they will take 10d6 + 40 force damage.

If the target is brought to 0 hit points, they are disintegrated.

Disintegrate uses Verbal, Somatic, and Material components to be cast, requiring players to be able to speak and make hand movements.

Note: If the target carries any non-magic items your party might want, be aware that Disintegrate will destroy them.

Classes Able To Use Disintegrate

Traditional classes, such as Sorcerers and Wizards, have access to Disintegrate, gaining a 6th-level spell slot at character level 11.

Subclasses like Arcana Domain (Cleric) can take Disintegrate as an option at level 17. Bards, using magical secrets, can learn Disintegrate at level 11.

At the same time, Arcane Tricksters (Rogue) and Eldritch Knights (Fighter) can cast this spell if they have its scroll.

Powerful creatures like the Lich, Illithilic, and Alhoon also have access to Disintregrate.

Is Disintegrate Good?

Disintegrate is such a good spell that it can turn the whole tide of a battle if used flawlessly.

Advantages of Disintegrate

High Base Damage (Force)

Disintegrate has a base damage of 10d6 + 40 force damage.

Most creatures with a challenge rating of 3 or less can be one-shot with the base damage of Disintegrate.

Low Material Cost

A lodestone is a rare gemstone able to curse the holder. They are valued at around 150GP and can be found while exploring the world.

Since it is cheap, players can buy them from merchants or other spellcasters.

Great Scaling

The damage Disintegrate deals is already insane. However, using a spell slot higher than level 6 increases the damage for each level by 3d6.

Using a 9th-level spell slot makes Disintegrate deal 19d6 + 40 force damage.

Reliable Damage Type

Force damage (similar in reliability to radiant damage) is one of the least resisted and immune to damage types in D&D.

To put it in perspective, not one dragon found in the vanilla version of D&D is immune or even resistant to force damage.

Drawbacks of Disintegrate

Hit or Miss

Unlike many other spells that have their damage halved if the target succeeds in their saving roll, Disintegrate doesn’t.

When cast, there are only two outcomes, the target will fail the save, causing massive damage, or the target will succeed in its save, causing it to take no damage.

Optimizing Disintegrate

Combine Disintegrate With Hold Person

Hold Person is a spell that paralyzes the target if they fail in a Wisdom saving roll. Paralysis is what will render the target useless to all Disintegrate’s damage.

All Strength and Dexterity saving rolls will automatically fail when a creature is paralyzed.

Not only does this remove the hit-or-miss disadvantage, but it also deals insane unblockable damage to the one unlucky enough to be paralyzed.

The Environment Is Vulnerable

Creatures aren’t the only ones able to be disintegrated; cave walls, doors, fallen trees, and bridges are all vulnerable to disintegration.

Blasting through walls, collapsing cave entrances, and toppling bridges are helpful in certain situations.

Note: DMs might change the rules regarding this feature, as they don’t want parties blasting through a dungeon without facing difficulties.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can Disintegrate Target a Player?

If the player is within range, they can become the target of Disintegrate.

Note: Just remember, disintegration is more difficult for players to return from, and that player will be bored out of their mind while waiting to be resurrected.

Can Disintegrate Be Twinned?

Disintegrate doesn’t have the range of self, making it able to be twinned.

Now the caster must ensure they have enough sorcery points to twin the spell.

Disintegrate uses 7 sorcery points since it’s a level 6 spell.

Can Disintegrated Targets Be Resurrected?

Disintegrated targets are not the same as regular deceased targets. However, there are ways to resurrect them.

Since the target has been reduced to dust, they can be resurrected only by using a true Resurrection spell or a wish spell.

Can You Save Roll On Disintegrate?

One of the main downsides of Disintegrate is that targets can come out completely unscathed.

When cast, the target must make a Dexterity saving roll which will either succeed (no damage is dealt) or fail (they are disintegrated).

Final Thoughts

Disintegrate is a spell that is as creative as it comes. Its simple playstyle yet high damage output can make players use it in various exciting ways.

Just remember, you aren’t the only one capable of using Disintegrate.

So be aware that your DM might give a random Wizard the power to turn your party members into dust!

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