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Enhance Ability 5e D&D Guide

Enhance Ability 5e D&D Guide

Enhance Ability is a 2nd-level spell falling under the Artificer, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Wizard spell lists.

This spell provides a party with numerous diverse effects that players can cast in almost any situation their party sees fit.

The Player’s Handbook specifics are as follows:

Enhance Ability 5e

2nd-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (fur or a feather from a beast)

Duration: Concentration, 1 hour

You touch a target and bestow upon it a magic enhancement. Choose one of the below-mentioned effects; the target gains the effect until the end of the spell.

  • Bear’s Endurance: The target has an advantage with Constitution checks. It will gain 2d6 temporary hit points, which are lost at the end of the spell.
  • Bull’s Strength: The target has an advantage on Strength checks, and their carrying capacity doubles.
  • Cat’s Grace: The target has an advantage with Dexterity checks. It also can’t take falling damage from 20 feet or less if it isn’t immobilized.
  • Eagle’s Splendor: The target will have an advantage on Charisma checks.
  • Fox’s Cunning: The target has an advantage on Intelligence checks.
  • Owl’s Wisdom: The target has an advantage with Wisdom checks.

At Higher Levels: When you cast Enhance Ability using a spell slot of the 3rd level or higher, one additional creature can be targeted for each slot level above the 2nd.

How Does Enhance Ability Work 5e?

The caster chooses a target they want to buff with one of the six effects mentioned above.

Note: Before players even think about casting the ability, they must remember to get the fur/feather from the beast linking with the effect.

Without the materials, the spell won’t be castable.

After the caster has chosen which effect the target will receive, he will periodically buff their stats until the spell ends or wears off.

How To Cast Enhance Ability

Players will need to have a level two spell slot open (spell slots correlate with the spell level).

They will also need to be in touch range of their target and stay concentrated while the spell is active.

Note: Players cannot cast the spell if they cannot make Verbal or Somatic commands.

Which Classes Can Use Enhance Ability?

Main classes such as Bards, Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers, and Artificers traditionally have access to Enhance Ability.

Subclasses like Paladins (Oath of Glory) and Rogues (Arcane Trickster) also have access to Enhance Ability.

Note: Wizards have the optional class feature (found in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything) that adds it to the Wizard’s spell list.

Is Enhance Ability Good?

Enhance Ability is a great spell in D&D. It provides parties with six different buffs that can assist any party member in some way.

Advantages of Enhance Ability

Strong early game: Enhance Ability can proficiently buff any party member.

Having increased proficiency modifiers in the early game puts players above many low-level enemies.

Scales extremely well: We know Enhance Ability is an excellent early-game spell.

However, it only gets better as players level up. As players level up, their proficiency modifiers increase, meaning that the advantages or bonuses enhance their characters more.

Extensive applications: Since there are six buffs the caster can choose from, any party member can benefit from having Enhance Ability cast on them.

Making this spell almost like a jack-of-all-trades for abilities.

Drawbacks of Enhance Ability

Low range: Unfortunately, Enhance Ability does have a range of touch, making it very difficult to use in extreme situations where players are squishy mages.

The caster must stay concentrated: If the caster takes damage or cast another spell that uses concentration, the spell and the effect will be canceled.

Best Ways To Use Enhance Ability

Enhance Ability has six different effects and can be used for exciting means.

Buff Allies Using Bear’s Endurance

Buff your tanky Paladin or squishy Wizard with the temporary hit points of Bear’s Endurance, making an intense fight a walkover.

Enhance Your Pack Animal With Bull’s Strength

Carrying all your loot can become troublesome. However, your ox/Paladin can carry nearly twice as much when using Bull’s strength.

Improve Stealth Initiatives Using Cat’s Grace

Stealth initiatives are great when parties don’t want to make too much noise when entering an encampment.

With Cat’s Grace, your sneaky assassin can complete their stealth mission without fail.

Master Bartering With Eagle’s Splendor

Some of the material components used in spells can be stupidly expensive (I’m looking at your Wizards!).

Using Eagle’s Splendor, your most charismatic player can barter the best deals.

Investigations Improve With Fox’s Cunning

Investigating areas and finding clues relating to treasure, certain enemies, or quests can be made more accessible by using Fox’s Cunning.

Increase Perception Using Owl’s Wisdom

Most parties have elves, so wouldn’t it be great if they could scout just like the mystical elves in Lord of The Rings?

Well, they can; using Owl’s Wisdom, your scout can quickly inspect the surrounding for ambushes and the road ahead for any uncertainties.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does Enhance Ability Affect Skills?

Enhance Ability does not affect attack rolls or saving rolls. It only affects ability checks.

Does Enhance Ability Work on Saves?

As mentioned above, since Enhance Ability doesn’t call out an effect on saving rolls, it doesn’t affect them.

Do Wizards Get Enhance Ability?

If a table of D&D players opts in for the optional class features found in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Enhance Ability will be part of the Wizard spell list.

Can Enhance Ability Be Twinned?

Twinning a spell requires the spell to only target one creature and to not have the range of self.

Enhance Ability meets these requirements and can indeed be twinned.

Can Enhance Ability Be Used on Self?

Enhance Ability cannot be directly cast on yourself. However, it can be cast by someone else possessing the spell.

Final Thoughts

Traveling in a group always has its ups and downs regarding the skills of each member.

However, Enhance Ability can solve many skill issues lower-level adventurers have.

Simply enchanting one of your party members can make it seem like they are many levels above you.

Remember, using this spell frequently will anger your DM in some situations, so don’t go too hard on him if he starts crying because you quickly slew his entire goblin encampment!

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