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Giant Insect 5e D&D Guide

Giant Insect 5e D&D Guide

Giant Insect is a 4th-level spell belonging to the Druid spell list.

Players wishing to command an army of gigantic insects will want this spell in their spell list.

Using what is around you will make it possible to be helpful in almost any situation.

The Player’s Handbook specifics are as follows:

Giant Insect 5e

4th-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 30 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

You transmute up to ten centipedes, five wasps, three spiders, or one scorpion within range into giant forms of their natural structures for the duration.

Centipedes become giant centipedes, spiders become giant spiders, wasps become giant wasps, and a scorpion becomes a giant scorpion.

Every creature obeys their caster’s verbal commands and, in combat, acts on their master’s turn each round.

Your DM has the statistics for these creatures and will resolve their actions and movements.

A creature will remain in its giant size for the spell’s duration until it either drops to 0 hit points or the caster uses an action to dismiss the spell’s effects.

Your DM might allow you to choose varying targets. For instance, if you transform a bee, its giant version will have the same statistics as a giant wasp.

What Does Giant Insect Do?

Giant Insect is a 4th-level transmutation spell where the caster transforms an insect into a gigantic battle-ready monster.

Think of the transmuted creatures as bigger, more deadly versions of their former selves.

The beast acts depending on the verbal commands given to it by the caster. Since the spell is concentration based, the creature will take the caster’s turn.

However, if the caster wants to cancel the spell, they can break the concentration or charge the beast into battle.

Note: Be aware of on which insect the spell is cast. The scorpion is deadlier than the others, while centipedes are better off as meatshields.

Classes Able to Use Giant Insect

A traditional class able to use Giant Insect is the Druid. It is found in their spell list as a powerful transmutation nature spell.

Subclasses like the College of Lore (Bard) and Circle of the Moon (Druid) can choose to unlock this spell at their respective levels.

Note: Other Druid subclasses (not including the one mentioned) can also use Giant Insect; they are Druids, after all!

Is Giant Insect Good?

Comparing Giant Insect to other Druid spells puts it relatively high on the list. Its high ranking is mainly due to its versatility and supportive ability.

Advantages of Giant Insect

Great Versatility:

These transmuted creatures are highly expendable, meaning casters can use them for anything without worrying about their deaths.

If your party needs an entry to a fight, the caster can send giant wasps to distract the enemy as they fly above them.

Giant centipedes are also great if your party wants to throw as many bodies at the enemy as possible while restricting the enemy’s advance.

If your party needs more damage, giant scorpions are masters of using deadly poison and their deadly pincers to wreak havoc among enemy ranks.

Supportive Ability

Ever wished that it would be easier to shield your squishy healers and spellcasters?

Well, if you have a member able to use Giant Insect, you will never have to worry about them being in danger again.

Simply transmutate the nearby insects and command them to defend the respective party member.

They will act both as their defender and their meatshield in intense battles.

No Material Components

Spells using no Material components are always more accessible in almost any situation, as the caster depends on nothing physical to use the spell.

Drawbacks of Giant Insect

Use of Verbal Commands

Some enemies would try to silence spellcasters by using spells or shutting their mouths if they got their hands on them.


Spells using concentration are always at risk of being canceled by the spellcaster or by enemies seeking to disable their potent spells.

Optimizing Giant Insect

Use the Creatures To Escape

Retreating would be wise when held up in a battle that is surely lost. However, just retreating will open your party’s back, making them vulnerable to attack. So, try attacking with as many giant insects as possible.

Leaving behind a group of giant centipedes, spiders, or wasps to lead the charge makes the escape ten times smoother.

Instead of focusing on the party, those foolish enemies will likely take on the newest threat.

Make Use of The Giant Scorpion

Different scorpions have different poisonous effects. Therefore, a particular scorpion could have paralyzing, necrotic, or fatal stings.

If the caster has knowledge of these scorpions, choosing a specific one could cause it to have a deadlier poisonous effect.

Enemies vulnerable to poison will be particularly effective targets for giant scorpions.

Note: Just remember that only one scorpion is available at a time, so use their abilities to their fullest extent before it’s too late.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are The Giant Insects Rideable?

Yes, Giant Insects can be ridden by players. However, some limitations are set in place that could limit this feature.

When transmutated, most giant insects are medium size and often don’t get larger than that.

Players should be at least one size smaller than the creature to ride it effectively.

Playing small races like Gnomes and Halflings will finally pay off in the long run!

Can Giant Centipedes/Spiders Climb Walls?

Yes, since their tiny versions can climb walls, their giant versions would also be able to.

Players meeting the requirements to ride these giant insects can even hitch a ride with them.

Imagine your Gnome ranger hanging from a wall-climbing spider, firing volley after volley into the confused enemies below!

Final Thoughts,

Giant Insect is a spell that many players find rather uninteresting.

However, understanding and using it to its full potential can completely change a party’s gameplay.

If your party puts their little guys on the backs of these monsters once, they will never want to attack the enemies in another way again!

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