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Heroism 5e D&D Guide

Heroism 5e D&D Guide

Heroism is a 1st-level spell falling under the Bard and Paladin spell lists.

Players who need buffs or are near death will vastly benefit if heroism is cast on them.

Close-range supportive players who are a part of the action should look into this spell.

The Player’s Handbook specifics are as follows:

Heroism 5e

1st-level enchantment

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

A willing target you touch is imbued with bravery.

Until the spell ends, the target is immune to the frightened debuff, gaining temporary hit points equal to your spellcasting ability modifier calculated at the start of each turn.

Note: If the spell ends, the target will lose any remaining temporary hit points given to them by Heroism

At Higher Levels: When casting this spell using a spell slot of the 2nd level or higher, players can target an additional creature per slot level above the 1st.

What Is Heroism 5e?

Heroism is a 1st-level spell, mainly used against allies, that fuels them with bravery.

It has a range of ‘touch’ and requires players to be concentrated for up to one minute.

The spell can be cast using Somatic and Verbal components, meaning players don’t struggle to find specific material components.

How Does Heroism Work?

Players should know how a spell works before deciding to cast it on themselves or their allies. Learning how to use a spell can prepare players to use Heroism correctly.

  • Players must know the spell: Before casting a spell, make sure you know it and have it added to your castable spells (arsenal) list.
  • Have a level one spell slot: Heroism is a 1st-level spell requiring a spell slot of equal level to be cast. Be aware that using higher-level spell slots changes the effects of Heroism.
  • Targets must be willing to receive Heroism: Only targets who wish to be under the effects of Heroism may be targeted. Even though most enemies wouldn’t mind receiving buffs (your DM might be willing to accept the buff), players should instead stick to casting Heroism on themselves and their allies.
  • Concentrate on casting Heroism: Players must stay concentrated when casting Heroism. Casting other spells requiring concentration will cancel the current spell (if it requires concentration). Players should also avoid being damaged, as they must make a Constitution saving roll to maintain their concentration when attacked.

Classes Able To Use Heroism

Only two main classes have Heroism incorporated into the spells lists. Bards and Paladins can choose to use the Heroism spell with their spellcasting ability modifiers dependent on Charisma.

Subclasses Able To Choose Heroism

There are five subclasses able to choose Heroism: Battle Smith, Oath of Glory, Order Domain, Peace Domain, and Hill Giant Soul.

Battle Smith has Heroism modified depending on their Intelligence modifier.

The Oath of Glory and Hill Giant Soul are modified depending on their Charisma modifier.

Lastly, Order Domain and Peace Domain are modified by their Wisdom modifier.

Is Heroism a Good Spell 5e?

Heroism is a solid early-game spell that can turn the tides of battle when things look grim.

Benefits of Heroism

  • Usability: Heroism can be used effectively in almost every battle in the early game. The temporary hit points it gives targets are a massive boost, as it can keep party members in action longer without losing their whole HP bar.
  • Scales well: Using a higher spell slot increases the number of targets players can cast Heroism on. Think about it, if a party consists of four members and a player uses a 3rd-level spells slot, all three of the other players will be buffed by one spell.

Drawbacks of Heroism

  • Short range: A problem players might encounter is that Heroism has the range of ‘touch.’ If a player wishes to cast Heroism on a melee character, they must enter the thick of battle to even be within range.
  • The caster must remain concentrated: If the concentration is broken, the spell will end. Players must avoid taking damage or casting another spell that requires concentration.
  • Short effect: The effect Heroism provides the target only lasts up to one minute, forcing players to make decisions quickly or lose the buff.

When Should You Use Heroism?

Players shouldn’t use Heroism foolishly, as it can quickly be canceled and only lasts a short while. Players should choose their target wisely!

Cast Heroism on Yourself

If you wish to receive the benefits of Heroism, cast it on yourself. Your character is always in range, and the added HP might be handy if an enemy were to attack you.

Note: When attacked, the damage will also remove the effects of Heroism afterward, as you aren’t concentrated.

Abuse Heroism in the Early Game

Making allies unable to be frightened and giving them extra HP can turn around a fight.

Throughout most of the early campaign, your party will be almost unstoppable. Just don’t make the DM too mad!

Common Questions

The description of Heroism isn’t clear regarding everything the spell can accomplish.

Does Heroism Stack HP?

When cast, Heroism provides the player with extra HP each turn.  At the start of each new turn, the target will replenish any lost temporary HP.

However, even if the spell is cast on the same target again, their HP will not stack.

Can You Cast Heroism on Yourself?

Unless otherwise specified, players can cast all touch spells on themselves.

Therefore, players can cast Heroism on themselves; just be aware that taking damage will still cancel the spell.

Does Heroism Remove the Frightened Condition?

If the target already has the frightened condition, casting Heroism on them would remove the effect and provide them with the benefits of Heroism.

Final Thoughts,

Heroism is one of those spells that players either hate or love. Some players might find it useless, while others can’t even play their favorite class without it.

It is a spell that can bring a lot to the table but disappoint players if they don’t fully understand it.

However, before writing it off, try it on your Fighter first. I’m sure he’ll thank you for it!

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