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Greater Invisibility 5e D&D Guide

Greater Invisibility 5e D&D Guide

Greater Invisibility is a 4th-level buffing spell found on the Bard, Sorcerer, and Wizard spell lists.

Invisibility is widely used throughout the lands by creatures and men alike.

There is always a need for an assassin to silently kill, a messenger to move unnoticed, and a scout to report home unscathed.

The Player’s Handbook states:

Greater Invisibility 5e

4th-level Illusion

Casting Range: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You or a creature you touch will become invisible until the spell ends. Anything the target is carrying or wearing carrying is hidden as long as it is on the target’s person.

Which Classes Can Pick Greater Invisibility?

Traditional classes, like the Bard, Sorcerer, and Wizard, can freely unlock this spell.

All three classes unlock their 4th-level spell slot at level 7 and can cast Greater Invisibility.

Subclasses, such as the Armorer (Artificer), Twilight Domain (Cleric), Circle of the Land – Underdark (Druid), The Archfey (Warlock), The Genie (Warlock), and The Undead (Warlock), freely obtain this spell.

The Twilight Domain (Cleric), Circle of the Land – Underdark (Druid), and all three Warlock subclasses can cast this spell at level 7, while the Armorer (Artificer) can only cast it at level 13.

Is Greater Invisibility Good in 5e?

Greater Invisibility is an excellent spell that shines when used in combat.

Its ability to provide offensive and defensive utility makes this spell particularly good when used in a martial-dominated party.

Advantages – Greater Invisibility

No Material Component

Luckily with this spell, you’ll never need to dig into your bags for spare GP or spend time looking for materials.

All you need are the Verbal and Somatic components to cast this spell successfully.

Note: Just make sure to stay away from Silence spells and grapple-prone enemies.

Good Duration

Greater Invisibility lasts up to 1 minute or 10 rounds (if each round lasts around 6 seconds).

If an average round lasts between 6 to 12 seconds, you’ll have this spell up for at least 5 rounds (if the Concentration doesn’t break).

Note: Since this spell is easy to cast, even if it’s canceled, you’ll easily be able to cast it again.

Disadvantages – Greater Invisibility

Touch Spell

Touch spells are tricky. Their short range makes it difficult for players to recast it effectively.

The caster would need to have a plan with their party or make it clear that moving away from them will disable a quick recast. It could even increase teamwork.

Concentration Spell

Even though Greater Invisibility is a combat-heavy spell, it’s still a Concentration spell.

When active, the caster should either hide to avoid damage or not indicate to enemies that they cast the spell.

More intelligent enemies might know to target casters, as they have a high chance of casting Concentration spells.

Note: Having an ally’s invisibility fail due to Concentration breaking while close to enemies could result in a near-death experience.

Spells Similar To Greater Invisibility

Spells like Invisibility and Blur have similar effects to Greater Invisibility.

Invisibility is the younger brother of Greater Invisibility. Its main downside is that the affected person cannot perform attacks or cast spells (this will cancel the invisibility).

Blur isn’t related to Invisibility. However, it has a similar yet less effective effect that blurs the caster’s body and makes them more difficult to perceive.

When or How Should I Use Greater Invisibility?

Greater Invisibility has the potential to turn a fight around. Flanking enemies, gaining an advantage, or giving a disadvantage to enemies could change the fight’s outcome entirely.

Martial Classes

Martial classes like Barbarians, Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Rangers, and Rogues can all benefit from the Greater Invisibility spell.

Rogues can benefit from invisibility, while the Barbarian or Paladin is also a solid choice to send into the fray.


Rogues unlock the Sneak Attack feature at level 1. Once every turn, they can deal an extra 1d6 damage to an enemy if they have advantage on an attack roll.

When invisible, you always have advantage on your attack rolls, meaning you’ll permanently benefit from the Sneak Attack bonus.

The advantage will also increase your chances of landing critical strikes. Those crits will multiply all the damage die used in your attack roll and deal large amounts of damage.

Note: Rogues can also Hide (bonus action). Therefore, you can vanish back into the shadows after every attack, making it nearly impossible for enemies to spot you.


A Barbarian can be sent in as a martial bomb if necessary. Their Rage, coupled with a Greataxe and the advantage from Greater Invisibility, just spells trouble for anyone on the receiving end.

If you were to choose the Path of the Berserker, you would unlock Mindless Rage at level 6.

It gives you immunity to the Charm and Frightened effects, making your Rage more unstoppable.

Even if you just use these three mentioned features the Barbarian comes with, you’ll be doing insane amounts of damage.

Note: Unlocking the Extra Attack feature (level 5) will increase your damage even more.

Protecting Allies

Things don’t always go as planned in D&D, which is why spells with more than damage or simple utility are so helpful.

If an ally were near death, you could cast Greater Invisibility on him and urge him to run or hide.

Enemies wouldn’t be able to target him, and when he’s safe, he can start taking a rest or treating his wounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Greater Invisibility Give Advantage?

When active, Greater Invisibility gives an automatic advantage on all your attacks while it disadvantages all of an enemy’s attacks.

They might be able to hear you, but they won’t know where your attacks will come from.

Does Blindsight Work Against Greater Invisibility?

A creature with Blindsight can see an invisible creature within range; however, they might still try hiding by using Stealth.

Final Thoughts

Greater Invisibility isn’t a spell you should forget about, especially if there’s a Rogue around.

A spell that works seamlessly in and out of combat can significantly benefit a party.

You’ll never be short of utility; your party can take on any group of enemies the DM throws at you.

Just don’t make the DM too mad; he might start throwing in some creatures with Blindsight to limit your fun!

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