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Healing Spirit 5e D&D Guide

Healing Spirit 5e D&D Guide

Healing Spirit is a 2nd-level healing spell available on the Druid and Ranger spell lists.

Some are close to nature. Their spirits call to them, granting a helping hand when times get tough.

In this case, a nature spirit experienced in healing is summoned. She allows the ones in range to be soothed by her gentle spirit, having their bodies regain their vitality.

The Player’s Handbook says the following:

Healing Spirit 5e

2nd-level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 Bonus action

Range: 60 feet

Components: S, V

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You call forward a nature spirit to relieve the wounded. The intangible spirit appears in an area that is a 5-foot cube you see within range.

The spirit looks like a translucent beast or fey (your choice).

Till the spell ends, anytime you or a creature you see steps into the spirit’s area for the very first time on a turn or begins its turn there, you can cause the spirit to regenerate 1d6 hit points to that creature (no action required).

Note: The spirit can’t heal constructs or undead.

Using a bonus action when it’s your turn, you can start moving the Spirit up to 30 feet to a space you can see.

The spirit can then heal a number of times, which is equal to 1 + your spellcasting ability modifier (minimum of two times). After healing a certain number of times, the spirit vanishes.

At Higher Levels: If you were to cast this spell using a 3rd-level spell slot or higher, the healing will increase by 1d6 for each slot level above 2nd.

When Can Classes Pick Healing Spirit?

Healing Spirit can be unlocked and used by traditional classes like the Druid and Ranger.

The Druid can unlock and use Pick Spirit at level 3, while the Ranger can only use it at level 5.

No subclasses can freely unlock and use Healing Spirit.

Is Healing Spirit Good in 5e?

Even though Healing Spirit is quite a low-level spell, it has some incredible healing abilities that players shouldn’t underestimate.

Note: Players must understand that the spell isn’t as powerful as it always was, but it can still be a welcomed addition to a healer’s arsenal.

Advantages – Healing Spirit

Bonus Action

Spells cast with a bonus action allow the caster to take an additional action during their turn while still being able to provide healing to their allies.

It can be beneficial in combat, where taking a standard action to cast a healing spell can be a meaningful sacrifice regarding a character’s ability to deal damage or defend themselves.

No Material Component

Having no Material component makes a spell easier and more convenient to cast.

Players won’t have to spend time finding specific items, paying GP, or carrying unnecessary materials.

All you’ll need is to use Verbal and Somatic components. There’s no need to get out your materials or waste any time.

Healing Requires No Action

Healing Spirit’s HP restoring effect doesn’t require an action to activate, making it more of a passive form of healing (you’ll only need to target the creature you want to heal on your turn).

The only additional input from you would be the spirit’s movements. On your turn, you’ll have the chance to use a bonus action and move the spirit.

Sometimes this is necessary as players constantly move around, and the spirit only has an area of 5 feet to heal in.

Disadvantages – Healing Spirit


While a Concentration spell is active, the caster can’t cast any other Concentration spells as it will cancel the current one.

Healing Spirit will also be canceled if the caster was to take damage, so stay out of combat while this spell is active.

Class Availability

Only the Druid and Ranger can freely unlock and cast Healing Spirit.

These classes are also not as popular as others, meaning there is a big chance you won’t see this spell in your game.

Spells Similar To Healing Spirit 5e

Similar spells to Healing spirit include Healing Word, Goodberry, Cure Wounds, and Greater Restoration.

When or How Should I Use Healing Spirit?

Strategic Healing

The most apparent use for Healing Spirit would be to heal low-health allies, but that isn’t the most effective way to use it.

For example, as a Druid, you have access to spells like Goodberry, which you can cast as a standard action, while Healing Spirit is cast as a bonus action.

The best strategy would be to place the spirit near the frontline, giving your Goodberries to the backline (or other low-health allies).

Now you’ll continuously heal the defenders and damage dealers while keeping the rest alive with berries!

Out or in Combat

What makes Healing Spirit stand out is how well it does as a combat and non-combat healing spell.

The equation stays the same. Stay close to the ones who need it most, move with them so they can access healing, and try your best to keep your Concentration active.

If you can do that, then the chances of your party living through a battle are significantly higher!

As a Circle of Dreams (Druid)

The Circle of Dreams (Druid) subclass has the Balm of Summer Court feature, which allows you also to heal allies.

If you use this feature, combined with your standard and bonus action, you can turn yourself into a healing monster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Healing Spirit Heal Enemies?

Healing Spirit will only heal enemies if you order it to.

The description of the spell says that ‘you can cause the spirit to heal a target,’ – this means that even if an enemy enters the area of the spirit, it is your choice if you want to heal them.

Was Healing Spirit Changed?

They changed Healing Spirit, which was real and intentional, as confirmed by Jeremy Crawford on Twitter.

Final Thoughts

Even though Healing Spirit isn’t as strong as it used to be, it’s still a solid spell that players shouldn’t be afraid to pick up. Its healing effect and bonus action make it reason enough for players to start using it.

Not only is it fun to use, but you feel like a real wizard while casting spells with one hand and healing with the other!

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