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Goodberry 5e D&D Guide

Goodberry 5e D&D Guide

Goodberry is a 1st-level healing spell available on the Druid and Ranger spell lists.

Magical food shouldn’t be confused with standard chow. Its nourishment and inherent benefits are many times that of its counterpart.

Mere berries can restore health and keep a creature stuffed for an entire day.

The Player’s Handbook states the following:

Goodberry 5e

1st-level Transmutation

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (one sprig of mistletoe)

Duration: Instantaneous

Up to ten berries show up in your hand and are imbued with magic for the said duration. A creature can then use an action to eat one berry.

Eating a berry regenerates 1 hit point and provides sufficient nourishment to sustain a creature for a day.

They lose their effectiveness if the berries are not consumed within 24 hours of the spell’s casting.

When Can Classes Pick Goodberry?

As mentioned above, traditional classes such as the Druid and Ranger can freely unlock Goodberry.

A Druid unlocks and can use Goodberry at level 1, while the Ranger can only do the same at level 2.

No subclasses can freely obtain Goodberry.

Is Goodberry Good in 5e?

Goodberries are extremely popular and for a good reason. They are overpowered in more ways than one and solve many problems a party has.

Odds are, if you have a Druid or Ranger, they’ll most likely take Goodberry.

Advantages – Goodberry

Long Duration

With a longer duration (24 hours), Goodberry’s healing and nourishing properties would last longer. This allows players to venture further from civilization without worrying about finding food or healing supplies.

It makes Goodberry a valuable tool for extended expeditions and lets players better withstand the challenges of the wilderness.

Note: It can also benefit you in combat, providing players with more opportunities to heal or recover in the midst of battle.

Common Material

With a common Material component (sprig of mistletoe), players wouldn’t have to worry about acquiring rare or exotic ingredients to cast Goodberry.

This makes it more accessible and convenient to use.

Goodberry is especially useful when players are traveling through areas with limited resources. It also prevents players from spending excessive GP to buy rare materials at low levels.

Note: There is a chance for mistletoe to be found in a starter kit, so you might not even have to find it yourself. Mistletoe isn’t difficult to find in the wild either, so try finding it while out on a morning stroll.

Low Level

Goodberry is a 1st-level spell accessible to players just starting their adventure.

Players can use Goodberry to sustain themselves and heal themselves. Meaning they’ll save time looking for food and have an easy way to obtain healing.

Disadvantages – Goodberry

Uses an Action

Eating one Goodberry takes one action. Compared to how overpowered this spell is, this is the only aspect balancing it.

Note: Just make sure not to overdo it. Spending all your actions on eating berries could prevent you from performing other duties. Try finding the appropriate balance.

Class Availability

Goodberry is only available to two traditional classes, the Druid and Ranger. Even though it’s a great spell, you’ll need one of these classes in your party if you even want to use Goodberry early on.

Another way to use it would be to multiclass but think carefully before multiclassing just for one spell. It could turn out to be a huge mistake!

Spells Similar To Goodberry 5e

Similar spells to Goodberry are Prayer of Healing, Aid, Healing Word, Lesser Restoration, and Life Transference.

When or How Should I Use Goodberry?

Multi-use Berries

Let’s be honest. Goodberry shouldn’t be used just to heal other party members. It has so many ways it can be helpful, so try exploring all its uses!

Is Somebody Hungry or Thirsty?

In the description of Goodberry, it states that ‘a berry can sustain a creature for one day.’

Suppose you’re out exploring. Instead of finding or buying food, cast Goodberry. You’ll save time and GP, as you won’t have to buy food or drink.

Close to Death

When close to death, a player will need to make death saves. If you let them eat a berry, they’ll regain one HP, saving them from death.

Now they won’t have to make death saves anymore and can focus on healing up or getting out alive.


There is a rumor in D&D that miscasting Goodberries could turn them into Badberries. Traditionally that is inaccurate, but if you chat with your DM, it could become a reality.

The DM can modify Goodberry’s description, stating that the berries produced by the spell have a chance to have a negative effect on those who consume them.

It completely changes the dynamic of Goodberry and has players wondering whether their berries are indeed Good-berries!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if You Eat Two Goodberries?

In D&D, spells only do what they say in their description, and anything further is up to the DM to decide.

Nowhere does it state that eating more than one Goodberry has adverse effects.

So, by the rules, players shouldn’t worry about eating too many Goodberries.

Note: If the DM added Badberries, you should be slightly more cautious. But if you’re playing traditional D&D, there’s nothing to worry about.

How Many Goodberries Can You Eat in an Action?

Only one berry can be eaten when you use an action.

Can You Feed an Unconcious Player Goodberries?

It is possible. Just be careful that it doesn’t accidentally choke them.

The DM might also insist they must use their action, but it depends on the DM.

Final Thoughts

Goodberry is a very straightforward spell with basic rules and great mechanics.

All players can agree that Goodberry ticks so many boxes that it just can’t be ignored.

So next time you try to figure out which spell you want to take, try taking Goodberry.

You won’t regret it, and maybe you’ll even be one of the few to experience the Badberry!

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