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Mass Cure Wounds 5e D&D Guide

Mass Cure Wounds 5e D&D Guide

A wave of healing energy emanates from your fingertips and washes over your allies.

A soft glow surrounds them as their wounds knit together, and their strength is renewed, revitalized by the power of the spell.

Mass Cure Wounds 5e

5th-level Evocation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

A place you choose within range sends out a wave of healing energy.

Pick up to six creatures in the 30-foot-diameter sphere centered on that location. Every target gains HP equal to 3d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.

At Higher Levels: When you cast Mass Cure Wounds using a 6th-level spell slot or higher, its healing is increased by 1d8 for each spell slot above the 5th.

Which Classes Can Pick Mass Cure Wounds 5e?

Traditional classes like the Bard, Cleric, and Druid can unlock and use Mass Cure Wounds, each being able to unlock it at level 9.

The subclasses Life Domain (Cleric), Circle of Wildfire (Druid), and Battle Smith (Artificer) also gain access to Mass Cure Wounds.

The Life Domain (Cleric) and Circle of Wildfire (Druid) unlock Mass Cure Wounds at level 9, while the Battle Smith (Artificer) only unlocks it at level 17.

Is Mass Cure Wounds Good in 5e?

Yes, I consider Mass Cure Wounds an excellent healing spell, especially in parties of 5 to 7 and for players looking for a sizeable healing range plus high healing numbers.

The only problem is that there are better 5th-level spells to take instead of a healing one, so if you’re character isn’t designed around healing, I recommend you only take this spell if nothing else interests you.

Advantages – Mass Cure Wounds

Ease of Use

Mass Cure Wounds has no Material component and only consists of a Verbal and Somatic one, allowing players to spend less time looking for materials and more time saving their teammates.

Selective Healing

Mass Cure Wounds allows you to choose which allies you heal in a 30-foot-radius sphere, making it suitable when allies are bunched up, especially melee fighters who are too far away to reach with touch spells. 

Note: Being able to heal up to 6 targets is also very good for larger parties.

Disadvantages – Mass Cure Wounds

High-level Spell Slot

In some situations, it might be a better idea to use your 5th-level spell slot for another spell if you aren’t a full-blown healer. 

Note: Even as a full healer, having spells to assist your party if they require no healing can significantly benefit them.

Class Availability

While several more supportive classes can pick up Mass Cure Wounds, each class also has spells that outperform Mass Cure Wounds.

Examples include Dominate Person (5th-level) for Bards or Hallow (5th-level) for Clerics.

Spells Similar to Mass Cure Wounds 5e

Spells that are similar to Mass Cure Wounds are; Healing Word (1st-level), Prayer of Healing (2nd-level), Aura of Vitality (3rd-level), Heal (6th-level), and Mass Heal (9th-level).

When or How Should You Use Mass Cure Wounds?

Combine With Life Domain (Cleric)

The Life Domain (Cleric) subclass is undoubtedly the best full-healing subclass in D&D.

It tackles many issues healers, such as being squishy, not receiving any healing themselves, and having low damage.

Squishy Healers

Starting at level 1, Life Domain characters gain proficiency with heavy armor, giving them exceptional defense and leaving them far from squishy.


At level 6, Life Domain characters unlock Blessed Healer, having healing spells that target other creatures also heal the healer.

The Life Domain character will regain HP equal to 2 + the level of the spell cast.

Low Damage

Starting at level 8, Life Domain characters unlock Divine Strike, an ability that infuses their attacks with divine energy.

Whenever they hit an enemy with a weapon attack, the attack will deal an extra 1d8 Radiant damage, increasing to 2d8 Radiant damage at level 14.2

Large Party

Mass Cure Wounds can heal up to 6 creatures within a 30-foot radius, meaning you can heal many people within quite an ample space.

For this reason, having fewer than 5 people and no dedicated healer makes Mass Cure Wounds less effective. 

Note: Don’t overdo it with Mass Cure Wounds if you’re not a full-healer, as the spell does use a 5th-level spell slot that can be used for other powerful spells.

Huddled Approach

If you find yourself surrounded, huddling up, and having up to 6 people who need healing in the range of Mass Cure Wounds, then you’re in the perfect spot.

Since Mass Cure Wounds has decent healing, all you, as the healer, need to do is keep healing while the rest of your party fends off the hordes of enemies.

Eventually, their line will break, and your party can go on the offensive, slaughtering those who stand before you, all thanks to your healing!

Note: As a Life Domain healer, you’ll heal each target for 2 + 3d8 + your spellcasting modifier +  the spell’s level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Require a Line of Sight To Cast Mass Cure Wounds?

No, you don’t require a line of sight to cast Mass Cure Wounds. However, you still need to have a clear path to the targets you wish to heal. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t see it; all that matters is that there is a clear path to it.

Can I Target Myself With Mass Cure Wounds?

After choosing a point where the spell is cast, if you’re within its range, you can target yourself as one of the creatures healed by the spell.

Can You Target Warforged With Mass Cure Wounds?

Warforged are a race of ‘living’ constructs, meaning they are constructs, yet they are sentient and without the healing disadvantage typical constructs receive.

So don’t worry; if your -party member is playing as a Warforged, you can heal him as usual!

Final Thoughts

Mass Cure Wounds is an excellent spell for in-combat and out-of-combat healing, as it can target several creatures and heals for a decent amount.

If you’re a healer, you’ll help your team by picking up Mass Cure Wounds, especially if you’re a Life Domain Cleric!

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