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Mass Healing Word 5e D&D Guide

Mass Healing Word 5e D&D Guide

A shimmering aura emanates from your hand, enveloping all within its reach.

The aura pulses with a soothing energy that mends even the most grievous of wounds, bringing renewed vitality and vigor to your allies’ tired bodies and spirits.

As the aura fades, a sense of renewed hope and vigor washes over your companions, invigorating them for the battles to come.

Mass Healing Word 5e

3rd-level Evocation

Casting Time: 1 bonus action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

Any six creatures you choose within range that you can see regenerate HP equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier as you call out words of restoration.

Note: Mass Healing Word does not affect constructs or undead.

At Higher Levels: When you cast Mass Healing Word using a 4th-level spell slot or higher, its healing will increase by 1d4 for each spell slot above the 3rd.

Which Classes Can Pick Mass Healing Word 5e?

Traditional classes like the Bard (Optional) and Cleric can unlock and use Mass Healing Word, gaining access to the spell at level 5.

The subclasses Order Domain (Cleric) and Alchemist (Artificer) can also unlock and use this spell.

The Order Domain (Cleric) can unlock Mass Healing Word at level 5, while the Alchemist (Artificer) can only unlock it at level 9.

Is Mass Healing Word Good in 5e?

Mass Healing Word is difficult to grade with a straight answer, as it’s pretty situational but also lacks healing compared to other healing spells like Mass Cure Wounds.

It’s situational because taking it when your party has less than 6 players isn’t worth it. If you’re not entirely dedicated to healing, then waiting for a better healing spell is probably the better option.

Advantages – Mass Healing Word

Bonus Action

Mass Healing Word uses a bonus action to be cast instead of a normal action, which lets players cast other important spells or use that action to perform a different activity.

Pin-point Healing

You not only choose who you heal, but you choose from up to 6 targets, making Mass Healing Word exceptional in larger parties.

Disadvantages – Mass Healing Word

Low Healing

You can argue that Mass Healing Word’s low healing is taken into account, thus why you can heal up to 6 targets, but still, only healing 1d4 + your spellcasting modifier isn’t very effective.

Note: You’ll also be using a 3rd-level spell slot, so try justifying its cost compared to other impressive spells like Fireball and Haste.

Class Availability

Mass Healing Word can only be unlocked by two classes, one of which is optional, meaning not many players can unlock it.

Spells Similar to Mass Healing Word 5e

Spells similar to Mass Healing Word are; Healing Word (1st-level), Prayer of Healing (2nd-level), Aura of Vitality (3rd-level), Mass Cure Wounds (5th-level), and Mass Heal (9th-level).

When or How Should You Use Mass Healing Word?

Large Parties

Mass Healing Word can target up to 6 creatures at a time, which means you’ll get the most value from it when used in parties of more than 6 members. 

Even though Mass Healing Word provides a small amount of healing, being able to target this many players means you can keep your party in a battle for longer.

Note: Healing a large group of players can turn the tide of a battle, as enemies don’t expect opponents so near death to quickly regain HP and keep fighting. 

Helping Downed Players

Players often drop to 0 HP while fighting, especially squishier characters like casters or healers who don’t prioritize survivability.

So to help those who have fallen dangerously close to death, you can target them, along with others, and heal them. Now the ones who have dropped to 0 HP will be brought back into the fight and won’t have to complete their death saves.

Note: If many players have dropped to 0 HP, casting Mass Healing Word would be an easy way to have them all rise up, ready to continue the fight!

Playing a Life Domain (Cleric)

If your primary goal is to heal, then you should look at playing as a Life Domain (Cleric); other subclasses like the Grave Domain (Cleric) or Oath of Redemption (Paladin) are also similar but have different focuses.

Mass Healing Word has some interesting stats, only using a bonus action to be cast, requiring only a Verbal component, and it has good AoE, making it great for healing-focused classes like the Life Domain (Cleric).

Why the Life Domain Subclass?

I specifically single out the Life Domain subclass because it takes healing to a new level.

Within your first two levels, you unlock Disciple of Life (level 1) and Channel Divinity: Preserve Life (level 2) within your first two levels. 

Disciple of Life grants those affected by your healing spells additional regained HP, and Channel Divinity lets you restore HP equal to five times your Cleric level to creatures within 30 feet of you.

Note: Reaching level 17 allows you to always heal a spell’s full amount, which is absurd!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mass Healing Word Require a Line of Sight on Your Targets?

When reading the description of Mass Healing Word adds that you can only choose targets ‘you can see.’ 

So unfortunately, you’ll have to have a full vision of your targets, making you unable to cast it from behind cover without at least seeing them.

Can I Increase the Number of Targets Mass Healing Word Heals?

Unfortunately, no, but you can increase its healing potency by 1d4 for each spell slot above its original.

Mass Healing Word isn’t considered an excellent spell, but you can get your DM to add this feature if you convince them the spell is ‘too weak,’ even though you’re a dedicated healer.

Final Thoughts

Mass Healing Word is one of the many multiple-target-based healing spells which function better when used in a larger party.

While its healing factor isn’t that high, casting it as a healer with a high spellcasting modifier or targeting multiple creatures makes this spell worth it.

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