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True Strike 5e D&D Guide

True Strike 5e D&D Guide

True Strike is a foreknowledge Cantrip available on the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard spell lists.

Seeking out an enemy’s defenses is the first sign of a good strategist. However, understanding the weaknesses of those defenses and using them against an opponent is the sign of an excellent strategist.

The Player’s Handbook states the following:

True Strike 5e

Divination Cantrip

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 30 feet

Components: S

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 round

You reach out and point your finger at a target that is within reach. You briefly gain knowledge of the target’s defenses thanks to your magic.

If this spell hasn’t already expired, on your next turn, you get the advantage on your first attack roll against the target.

When Can Classes Pick True Strike?

As mentioned above, True Strike is freely available to traditional classes such as the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard.

Since True Strike is a Cantrip, it can be unlocked and used by all four classes at level 1.

There are no subclasses that unlock True Strike for free.

Is True Strike Good in 5e?

True Strike isn’t a good spell, and it is considered one of the worst Cantrips because of its effect taking so long to work.

Not only does it give each enemy with a turn a chance to cancel your spell, it only lasts up to 1 round.

So even if it doesn’t get canceled, you’d still only be able to use it once.

Advantages – True Strike

One Component

True Strike only consists of a Somatic component. It has no Verbal and Material components, so you can cast the spell quickly (but not as quickly as a Verbal component).

Cantrip Spell

You can cast Cantrip spells unlimited times per day without using up spell slots.

It only uses whatever components and actions are needed for it to be cast, nothing else.

It’s great to use if players want to conserve their high-level spell slots.

Disadvantages – True Strike

Concentration Spell

True Strike is a Concentration spell, meaning players have to maintain their focus to keep the spell’s benefits.

If you were to take damage or be distracted in any way, True Strike would end.

True Strike is a setup spell; if this happens, you’ll cancel the spell and lose your entire setup for the next turn.

Uses an Action

Using an action to cast True Strike means you won’t be able to use other actions that turn.

You’ll have to rely on your bonus action or reaction attacks (if you are even able to attack).

Spells Similar To True Strike 5e

Spell similar to True Strike are Zephyr Strike, Faerie Fire, Entangle, Hold Person, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, and Blindness.

Abilities like Bardic Inspiration are also similar to True Strike.

When or How Should I Use True Strike?

Rogues Could Find It Useful

Rogues often rely on their sneak attacks and critical hits to maximize damage, and True Strike can increase their chances of hitting the target.

They’ll need the most advantage when facing enemies wearing thick-plated armor or with high AC.

Using True Strike might give the Rogue enough accuracy to pierce a vital or badly injure their target.

As a Scroll

Use a scroll if you’d like to test True Strike before unlocking it or simply keep it as a way to gain advantage.

Scrolls are consumable magic items that players can use if they don’t have a certain spell or are out of spell slots.

Players can purchase scrolls from ordinary merchants, scribe them, or have someone else scribe them.


Players buying a Cantrip’s scroll like Alter Self from a merchant can expect to pay around 25 GP.

Scribing a scroll yourself costs around 15GP, while having someone else scribe it for you takes 20 GP.

Note: Scrolls are an excellent way for players to efficiently tests spells or keep them in case of any emergency.

It’s best to use a scroll for True Strike before unlocking it.

If You Are a Damage Dealer

Damage dealers use True Strike to improve their accuracy on their next (the following turn) attack roll.

If you want to make an attack that deals significant damage, such as a critical hit or a high-level spell, then you should use True Strike.

You’ll need to keep your Concentration up, but if you do, there’s a good chance your devastating attack will hit.

If the target is almost dead, your party can quickly finish it!


Due to True Strike’s advantage timing being so poor, you can change it to be more forgiving.

3 Simple Ways

1.) Increase the duration so you can use it for longer than one round.

2.) Take away Concentration (make it instantaneous), so enemies cannot easily cancel it.

3.) Make its casting time a bonus action.

You’ll want to homebrew True Strike if the DM allows it!

Note: Just don’t make it overpowered. Try and choose only one homebrew change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is True Strike a Bonus Action?

True Strike uses a standard action to be cast, not a bonus action.

One exciting change that you can make to True Strike is changing when the advantage is available for a bonus action.

The DM can change it to mention that ‘attacks or spells cast with a bonus action immediately have advantage when True Strike is active.

It will strengthen the spell and show players just how terrible vanilla True Strike is.

Does True Strike Work on Eldritch Blast?

You cast True Strike to gain advantage on the first attack that you make the next turn. If you held your Concentration and then cast Eldritch Blast, which is a damage spell, you’ll gain advantage on your attack.

Note: If this is your big move, then make sure absolutely nothing can cancel True Strike, or else you’d have wasted an entire turn.

Final Thoughts

True Strike isn’t a spell most players would consider when playing D&D. Sure, beginners might defend, and veterans will despise it, but in the end, it’s your choice.

If you wish to see just how bad it can be, take it, use it, and scream when you find out how it works. D&D is wonderful in this regard.

You learn to play, then about the spells, and then teach others about all your faults (choosing True Strike as one of them)!

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