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Entangle 5e D&D Guide

Entangle 5e D&D Guide

Entangle is a 1st-level spell falling under the Druid and Ranger spell lists.

Players wanting a spell that can be cast defensively or offensively will find great uses for entangle.

The Player’s Handbook specifics are as follows:

Entangle 5e

1st-level conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 90 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 1-minute

Seizing weeds and vines shoot from the earth in a 20-foot square forming from a point within range.

These plants turn the earth in the area into a rugged landscape for the duration.

A target in the area where the spell is cast must succeed on a Strength saving roll or be restrained by entangling plants until the end of the spell.

A target restrained by the plants can use an action to roll a Strength check against the spell save Difficulty Class (DC). If successful, the target frees themselves.

When the spell ceases, the conjured plants wilt away.

How Does Entangle Work 5e?

Entangle is a supportive defense spell with a range of 90 feet. It requires players to be concentrated while using Verbal and Somatic components to be cast.

A 20-foot square appears; vines and weeds emerge from the ground, turning the entire area affected into rough terrain.

Creatures within the area must complete a Strength saving roll or be restrained by the plants.

What It Means To Be Restrained

Being restrained in D&D is a condition. All conditions in the game have specific effects affecting the player.

Restrained conditions:

  • A player’s speed is reduced to zero, making them unable to benefit from any speed buffs.
  • Anyone who makes an attack roll against the player has an advantage. Any attacks the player makes will have a disadvantage.
  • Players receive a disadvantage on their Dexterity saving rolls.

Is Entangle a Good Spell?

Entangle is one of the best 1st-level control spells (similar to Ensnaring Strike and Snare).

Its effectiveness is primarily due to its large (20-square-foot) affected area, and the restrained condition targets are put in.

Compared to other the 1st-level spells mentioned above, Entangle is the only spell able to restrain more than one target at a time.

These restrained enemies will be disadvantaged while all the player’s attacks will be more devastating than ever.

The utility Entangle provides parties at its low level is too good to ignore!

Note: If players want to restrain more than one target, be aware of where the 20-foot square is placed on the ground.

When Should Entangle Be Used?

Players shouldn’t stress too much about poorly using Entangle since it doesn’t require any unique components to cast.

It only requires a short amount of concentration, which is understandable when looking at how much utility this spell provides to parties.

However, there are scenarios where Entangle shines!

Groups of Enemies

Groups of enemies can pose a significant threat to parties with spellcasters or inexperienced players.

However, if a Ranger or Druid in the party can cast Entangle, the danger is mainly eliminated already.

After successfully casting Entangle in the correct area, all the enemies in that 20-foot square will be restrained.

Players can either destroy the threat if they must traverse the area or retreat, leaving to fight another day.

Party Members Have Access to Great AoE Spells

“When in the heat of battle, entangle is cast. You signal to your companions that they should attack, knowing they possess powerful area damage.”

Spells that provide good AoE, like Thunderave, Burning Hands, or Color Spray, can turn the whole tide of battle when combined with Entangle.

Can You Set Entangle on Fire?

Vines are one of the objects that are flammable in the D&D world. Therefore, targets can be set free by igniting the vines.

Since Entangle uses vines as its restraining method, they can be burned and the spell canceled.

Players should be careful not to set the vines on fire before slaying the targets.

Their disadvantage will be canceled if freed, and the targets can turn the fight around.

How Do I Break Free of Entangle 5e?

The most basic way to break free from entangle is to roll an STR saving roll when the spell is cast or during your turn.

This is the same for creatures you target. If you cannot break free, you will be restrained for the remainder of the spell’s duration.

Can You Cast Spells While Entangled?

When looking at the conditions of targets who are restrained, nothing is mentioned about targets being unable to cast spells.

Note: Creatures able to cast spells will still be able to cast their spells while restrained.

Therefore a party’s best bet would be to eliminate them quickly or flee.

Can You Misty Step out of Entangle?

Misty Step’s description, as found in the Player’s Handbook, states, “Periodically surrounded by a silvery haze, teleport to a maximum of 30 feet to an unoccupied area that you can see”.

When looking at the conditions of restrained targets, nothing specifies that they cannot teleport out of the vines.

Some DMs might differ, so checking with them before revealing your vanishing act is wise.

Does Entangle Hit Allies?

When casting an Entangle, it affects a 20-foot square and anything standing in the space.

Close-range party members such as Fighters, Clerics, Paladins, and Barbarians should be accounted for.

Restraining these close-range classes might not cause as much harm; casting it on squishier close-range types might yield a casualty.

Rogues and Warlocks are simple examples, as their playstyle revolves around them doing damage and swiftly getting out of combat to cast spells or re-engage.

Be careful not to accidentally put allies in a dangerous situation, as becoming accustomed to it could lead to deaths further down the line.

Final Thoughts

Entangle is one of the most effective early-game control spells Druids and Rangers can cast.

Entangle can easily suit your needs whether you like to be supportive and cast spells that help your party or are more of an offensive damage dealer.

The only limit in D&D is your imagination and occasionally your DM, but don’t tell him I said that!

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