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Wall of Force 5e D&D Guide

Wall of Force 5e D&D Guide

Wall of Force is a 5th-level defensive spell with many underestimated effects. It is part of the Wizard spell list.

Wall of Force is more complex than it seems. It has interesting interactions with magic and can be used as more than a defensive spell if the caster is creative enough.

The Player’s Handbook Description states the following:

Wall of Force 5e

5th-level Evocation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 120 feet

Components: V, S, M (a pinch of power created when crushing a clear gemstone)

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

An invisible wall of force is erected into existence at a chosen point within range.

The orientation of the wall appears in any way you choose, as a horizontal barrier, vertical barrier, or at an exact angle. This wall can freely be floating or simply resting on a solid surface.


You can change it into a hemispherical dome or sphere with a radius of up to 10 feet. If that doesn’t suffice, you can also shape a flat surface of up to 10-foot-by-10-foot pieces.

Note: Each piece must be contiguous with another piece of floor.

In any form, this wall is 1/4 inch thick. It lasts for only the duration.

If the wall must cut through a creature’s space when appearing, it will push the creature aside to one side of the wall (which side is your choice).

Strength and Weakness

Nothing may physically pass through this wall. It is immune to any damage and cannot be dispelled by Dispell Magic.

It can, however, be instantly destroyed by a Disintegrate spell.

Note: This wall also extends into the Ethereal Plane, which blocks ethereal travel through the wall.

Classes That Can Pick Wall of Force

Traditional classes, like the Wizard, have Wall of Force in their spell list.

Subclasses, including the Oath of Redemption (Paladin) and Artillerist (Artificer), also have this spell in their spell list.

The Oath of Redemption (Paladin) and the Artillerist (Artificer) can unlock and use this spell at level 17.

Is Wall of Force Good in 5e?

Wall of Force is an exceptional defensive spell that can protect an entire team from the deadliest of spells.

Advantages – Wall of Force

Extremely Long Range

Even though most defensive players aim to be at the forefront of the battle, having a spell that you can cast over longer ranges is helpful.

If anything goes wrong in the backline, you’ll easily be able to use Wall of Force to block any damage without leaving your position in the frontline.

Immunity to All Forms of Damage

Being immune to all forms of damage is Wall of Force’s main selling point. No matter what your opponent is, you can expect this spell to block their damage.

Ultimately, this spell gives you something most spells don’t, reassurance. Well, until it becomes dispelled, then you’ll have to rethink your plan.

Note: Be weary of spellcasters; the DM can easily have them use dispelling magic.

Disadvantages – Wall of Force

Material Component

Materials can be tricky or even expensive to get your hands on. Wall of Force uses a rare powder obtained from crushing a clear gemstone.

Unfortunately, even if you could buy this item, the DM wouldn’t make it that easy. So prepare to spend your savings or search until your body aches because he’ll make you work to cast this spell.

Concentration Spell

Using Wall of Force usually means you are either a defensive player or someone in need of defense. However, one thing that can quickly sour the mood is your Concentration being broken.

While using Wall of Force, avoid active combat as you might take damage. You’ll also want to be careful which spells you cast, as casting a Concentration spell will also cancel your wall.

Weak Against Dispel Magic

Always be on the lookout for spellcasters or mages. Most of the time, their arsenal will include some dispel magic or even a Disintegrate spell.

The DM will incorporate this and use this against you, so come prepared with spells to quickly dispatch enemies that can cancel your wall.

When Should I Use Wall of Force?

As a Main Defensive Area

When in a battle, there are areas that are ‘busier’ than others. The action will mainly occur in the frontline. Enemies will direct spells, initiate frontal assaults, and try to push back this line.

To maintain a safer area for your party members, think about casting a Wall of Force to block and redirect most of this firepower.

Not only will this create a buffer, but it’ll take some stress off of your damage dealers and help keep your frontline alive.

Without this force, your party can easily be overwhelmed, so keep them alive!

Makeshift Bridges

A rather neat trick for adventures on journeys is to use a Wall of Force to cross endless pits or vast ravines.

It works even better since the caster can control the orientation of the wall, shaping it as they wish.

Even though it’ll burn a 5th-level spell slot, at least this will ensure a 100% success rate. Losing a member that fell into a cavern is more tragic than burning a simple spell slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Trap a Creature With Wall of Force?

Most creatures do not possess enough strength to stand on par with players. Wall of Force can easily hold up normal creatures. Only monstrous creatures wielding vast powers can stand a chance.

Can Wall of Force Trap a Dragon?

If you can corner a dragon or have them retreat into a cave, it is possible to trap them inside. This is primarily because mere spells cannot break the wall.

What Can You Cast Through Wall of Force?

The spell states that ‘nothing can pass through it.’ Whether the damage comes from the Material Plane or the Ethereal Plane doesn’t matter, nothing can pass through it.

Final Thoughts

Wall of Force is undoubtedly a great addition to any party’s spell lineup. Its extraordinary defensive capabilities can have players take on stronger enemies.

Players simply need to be clever, which can make them victorious in almost any battle. Players can even use it to shield them if they retreat, lessening the risks even more!

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