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Finger of Death 5e D&D Guide

Finger of Death 5e D&D Guide

Finger of Death is a 7th-level spell available to the Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard spell lists.

Finger of Death is a necromancer’s bread and butter; not only does it completely obliterate their opponents, but it raises them after death.

The Player’s Handbook specifics are as follows:

Finger of Death 5e

7th-level necromancy

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

You transmit negative energy through a creature you see within range, causing it searing pain.

The target must make a Constitution saving roll. It will take 7d8 + 30 necrotic damage if failed or half as much damage if successful.

A humanoid slain by Finger of Death will rise at the start of the next turn.

Becoming a zombie that is permanently under their command, following their verbal orders to the best of its ability

What Does Finger of Death Do 5e?

While using Verbal and Somatic commands, a finger is raised, releasing vile energy and making the target feel unimaginable pain.

Tremendous amounts of necrotic power surge through the target as they make a Constitution-saving roll.

Humanoids, such as goblins, troglodytes, werewolves, berserkers, etc., can be resurrected if killed by Fingers of Death.

They will follow their new master as their servant, following their every command.

Classes Able To Use Finger of Death

Traditional classes, such as Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards, can all use Finger of Death.

Subclasses like the Collge of Lore (Bard) can choose two spells from any class. These spells must be at the level the Lore Bard can cast. Therefore waiting until being able to cast level 7 spells allows the Lore Bard to choose Finger of Death.

Is Finger of Death Good?

Yes, players keen on playing a Necromancer must at least learn about Finger of Death.

Its damage type (Necrotic) and zombie spawned on the death of their target is too good to be ignored.

Players should remember that using only Finger of Death isn’t a good idea.

Even though the spell is powerful, it is at its most powerful when paired with other spells building on it.

Disintegrate, Plane Shift, Dominate Monster, Power Word Kill, and Wish are a small list of pairings that work with Finger of Death.

Advantages Finger of Death Has

No Material Component

Finger of Death does not need Materials components. Players will not need to spend gold on, worry about, or go scouring for materials.

Necrotic Damage Type

Necrotic damage is one of the least resisted and immune to damage types in D&D. It might not be as reliable as Force or Radiant damage; however, it can still do debilitating damage to most enemies.

Drawbacks Finger of Death Has

Susceptible to Evil

Necromantic spells are not inherently evil in the D&D universe. However, in our own and D&D, it has some negative connotations.

Weak-minded players who are persuaded easily might find themselves switching alignments as their journey progresses.

If worst comes to pass, they might become chaotic evil, spiraling the current campaign down a dark rabbit hole.

High Level

Finger of Death is a high-level spell. For players to be able to use it, they must be able to have the appropriate spell slot (costing 8 sorcery points).

Sorcerers and Wizards unlock their 7th-level spell slot at character level 13.

Due to their unique class addition of Mystic Arcanum, Warlocks unlock the ability to cast a 7th-level spell at character level 13. They do this without having to expand their spell slots.

Optimizing Finger of Death

Command an Army of Zombies

Humanoids are some of the most common enemy types in D&D and are found in every biome.

There are a significant number of humanoids, all ranging from tiny Faerie Folk to the gargantuan deity Abaddon.

Players can either selectively choose their servants or try to turn every humanoid they face into an abiding zombie follower.

Whatever is decided, at the end of the day, a giant army of zombies will still follow the caster.

This army will make any party a threat to even a prosperous kingdom. At this point, the party’s first decision should be the army’s intended use.

Note: When fighting against a humanoid, always give the killing blow with Finger of Death.

If this is done, it will rise as a zombie under the control of the one who killed it.

Become the Lich King

Role-playing is one of the reasons why D&D is so famous. So why not become one of the most notorious characters in D&D? Besides, you decide your alignment.

Finger of Death is a spell that shows a player’s true intentions when faced with incomprehensible power.

They can embrace the darkness, either using it for good or becoming the ultimate evil.

So what of you? Will you let the darkness consume you, or will you consume it?

Commonly Asked Questions

How Many Zombies Can You Have?

Since Finger of Death doesn’t specify the limit of raised zombies, it has been confirmed that Finger of death has no limits to the number of zombie thralls the caster can spawn.

It would take players a while, but they can theoretically amass more than a hundred zombies to fight for them on the battlefield.

Note: Most zombies have extremely insignificant base stats, making them excellent meatshields.

What Level Is Finger of Death?

Finger of Death is a 7th-level spell, unlocked by its respective classes (Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard) at character level 13.

Can Finger of Death Be Twinned?

Finger of Death doesn’t have the range of self, making it able to be twinned.

Twinning Finger of Death doesn’t solely increase the average done to creatures per round.

It also increases the player’s chances of killing humanoid enemies, bringing them back as zombies when they perish.

Final Thoughts

Finger of Death is a perfect example of what D&D is all about, choice. It gives players immense power, yet the outcome changes depending on their character.

It is a spell that can break a party apart or turn them into the strongest group to walk the mortal plane. It all starts with a player’s choice!

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